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Curriculum Philosophy

Ideally, you spend most of your training on the cusp of your learning curve when you are adequately challenged and supported, however not overwhelmed. When exercising you want the treadmill going fast enough to get a good workout, but not so much so that you get tired too quickly or fall off! We think of your residency experience in the same way!


Unique Features of Our Curriculum

13 4-week blocks
Classes rotating together for the first two years of residency
Switches after 4-5 blocks
Our interns always start in internal medicine
Maintain parity with the categorical residents in team leading, supervisory experiences, and ICU time

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Department of
Internal Medicine

Medical Sciences Building Room 6065
231 Albert Sabin Way
PO Box 670557
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0557

Phone: 513-558-4231
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