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Life in Cincinnati

Cincinnati by the Numbers

Cincinnati (metropolitan population around two million) is truly the Queen City of the Midwest. It received the award of "most livable city" some years ago. Some of the other rankings:

  • Ranked #5 Best Baseball Cities
  • Ranked #9 Most Energetic Cities
  • Ranked #10 Best Cities for Teleworking - Large Metro Areas
  • Ranked #22 America’s Most Playful Cities
  • Ranked #23 Best Block Party Places from Sperling's rankings of over 400 cities.

Housing costs rank below the national average. The weather here is perfect to experience all 4 seasons. Summer tends to be humid, and there are usually one or two snowstorms per winter which may briefly blanket the city. The other 9 months of the year make up for this by being absolutely gorgeous!

Things to do in Cincinnati

Dining and Entertainment

Our downtown has undergone a renaissance with numerous local options that are sure to satisfy all pallets. There has been a lot of renovation and building to make the downtown a vibrant spot to spend free time, with its many festivals and musical venues. Cincinnati loves festivals and there are many to enjoy throughout the summer such as free music concerts at Sawyer Point to food festivals of many kinds. Another local favorite is our Cincinnati chili houses. We are also known for our Graeter's Ice cream and beer by local brewers: Rhinegeist, Mad Tree, Moerlein, to name a few.

Over-The-Rhine is an urban neighborhood that has exploded with amazing new restaurants over the last 5 years and vibrant nightlife, If you have a chance to visit, here are some options.

If you are a fan of shopping, you have come to the right place! There are outlet malls both north and south of town, as well as a number of award winning malls. There are also quite a few unique stores both downtown and in some of the trendiest neighborhoods.

A City of Festivals
Arts and Museums

There is a lot here to offer for families and for singles alike. If you are into the arts, we have 4 art museums, including the award winning Contemporary Arts Center. We have a symphony, ballet, and more than 5 theaters. Our "Enjoy the Arts" packages include hundreds of different offerings through the year. We have a Natural Science and History Museum, OmniMax and IMax theaters, Aquarium, river boat cruises and lots of other activities to choose from not to mention our internationally renowned  Cincinnati Zoo! (You can even get discounts to these through UC and CCHMC). We also have the National Underground Railroad Museum that you must tour when you visit.


There is plenty in Cincinnati for sports enthusiasts. There are both college and professional teams to enjoy. Residents are regularly offered FREE Bengals and Cincinnati Reds tickets through the GME and Department of Medicine on a regular basis. They also typically frequent FC Cincinnati, our up and coming soccer team, at their newly built stadium.

Soccer and or volleyball players can join one of the multiple intramural recreational teams with our IM, Peds, and med-peds residents.

Image of volleyball team
The Outdoors

For park and outdoor enthusiasts, we have our award winning parks system. In fact, Cincinnati was ranked in the top 5 cities nationally for our park system! Offerings include multiple golf courses, an ultimate frisbee park, and the award winning Krohn Conservatory. There is rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking, rafting on the Whitewater river, a 100 mile bike trail along the Little Miami river, as well as multiple bike parks for mountain bikers. 

There are also, Amish communities, Serpent Mounds, horseback riding, skating, and even a skiing venue all within an hour drive from downtown.

If you like running, you can join us every Monday for our Cincy Med Run Club after work.

Image of the Running club

Runners of all levels are welcome, and run anywhere from 1 to 5 miles at your own pace. If you enjoy longer distances, you can also join the internal medicine department’s team during the annual “The Bourbon Chase”, a 200 mile relay through the bourbon trail of Kentucky.

So what does all of this mean? Life here is what you make of it! Our city boasts big city amenities without the hassle. In fact, Cincinnati has incredible diversity in terms of culture, education, family, nightlife, spectator sports, music and outdoor.

Cincinnati Parks

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