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Refractory Ceramic Fiber Study Publications

If you would like a copy of any of these papers, please contact Tim Hilbert via phone (513) 558-0228, email at, or in writing at the following address: Tim Hilbert, University of Cincinnati, 160 Panzeca Way, Cincinnati, OH 45267-0056

  1. Cornett MJ, Rice C, Hertzberg VS, Lockey JE.  Assessment of Fiber Deposition on the Conductive Sampling Cowl in the Refractory Ceramic Fiber Industry.  Ap­plied Industrial Hygiene, 1989; 4(8):201-204.
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  4. Rice C, Lockey J, LeMasters G, Dimos J, Gartside P.  Assessment of Current Fibre and Silica Exposure in the U.S. Refractory Ceramic Fibre Manufacturing Industry.  Ann Occup Hyg  1994; 38 (Supplement 1):739-744.
  5. Leikauf GD, Fink SP, Miller ML, Lockey JE, Driscoll KE.  Refractory Ceramic Fibers Activate Alveolar Macrophage Eicosanoid and Cytokine Release.  J Appl Physiol  1995; 78(1):164-171.
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  10. Buchta TM, Rice CR. Lockey JE, LeMasters GK, Gartside PS.  A Comparative Study of the NIOSH 7400 "A" and "B" Counting Rules using Refractory Ceramic Fiber. Appl. Occup. Environ. Hyg 1998;13(1):58-61.
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  12. LeMasters GK, Lockey JE, Levin LL, McKay RT, Rice CH, Horvath EP, Papes DM, Lu JW, Feldman DJ.  An Industry-wide Pulmonary Study of Men and Women Manufacturing Refractory Ceramic Fibers. Am J of Epi 1998; 148:910-919.
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  14. Lentz TJ, Rice CH, Lockey JE, Succop PA, LeMasters GK.  Potential Significance of Airborne Fiber Dimensions Measured in the U.S. Refractory Ceramic Fiber Manufacturing Industry.  Am J of Industrial Medicine 1999; 36:286-298.
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  19. Lentz TJ, Rice CH, Succop PA, Lockey JE, Dement JM, Lemasters GK. Pulmonary Deposition Modeling with Airborne Fiber Exposure Data: A Study of Workers Manufacturing Refractory Ceramic Fibers. Applied Occupational and Environmental Hygiene Journal 2003; 18:278-288.
  20. LeMasters GK, Lockey JE, Yiin JH, Hilbert TJ, Levin LS, Rice CH.  Mortality of Workers Occupationally Exposed to Refractory Ceramic Fibers.  J of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2003;45:440-450.
  21. Rice CH, Levin LS, Borton EK, Lockey JE, Hilbert TJ, LeMasters GK.  Exposures to Refractory Ceramic Fibers in Manufacturing and Related Operations: a 10-year Update.  Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene Journal 2005;2:462-473.
  22. McKay RT, LeMasters GK, Hilbert TJ, Levin LS, Rice CH, Borton EK, Lockey JE.  A Long Term Study of Pulmonary Function among US Refractory Ceramic Fibre Workers. Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2011;68:89-95.
  23. Lockey JE, Roggli VL, Hilbert TJ, Rice CH, Levin LS, Borton EK, Biddinger PW, LeMasters GK. Biopersistence of Refractory Ceramic Fiber in Human Lung Tissue and a 20-Year Follow-Up Radiographic Pleural Changes in Workers.  JOEM 2012;781-788.
  24. LeMasters G, Lockey JE, Hilbert TJ, Levin LS, Burkle JW, Shipley R, Perme C, Meyer CA, Rice CH. A 30-year mortality and respiratory morbidity study of refractory ceramic fiber workers. Inhalation Toxicology 2017;29(10): 462-470.
  25. LeMasters G, Lockey JE, Hilbert TJ, Burkle JW, Rice CH. Mortality of workers employed in refractory ceramic fiber manufacturing: An update. Journal of Appled Toxixology 2022;DOI: 10.1002/jat.4295.
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