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Code sets for Examination Data

Much of the information in the FCC data files is coded for retrieval. All diagnoses have been assigned ICD-9 codes by a certified medical record coder. All medication information is coded by type of drug using a 4-digit code.  The extensive coding of the medical information on this large cohort provides the immediate opportunity to ask specific research questions.  For example, all of the 34,652 mammogram reports and the 29,759 chest x-ray reports in the database have been literally coded (coding of phrases) using a list of over 200 3-digit codes, specific to each type of imaging.

Files of the various code sets are listed below.  To see the pdf file of the list of all codes, just click on the file name.

FCC Codes for Diagnostic Procedures

FCC Codes for Medications

FCC Codes for Examination Data

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