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Research Studies Emerging from the FCC Data and Biospecimens

PI NameOrganization
Project TitleApplication Date
80PinneyUniversity of Cincinnati  
79HoUniversity of CincinnatiUrine biomarkers for urological diseases12/15/2017
78BessonneauSilent SpringIdentifying environmental exposures associated with inflammation and breast density using targeted and non-targeted metabolomics1/31/2018
77WangUniversity of CincinnatiExposure to BPA and Cardiac electrical alterations in the FMMP population5/10/16
76OwensUniversity of CincinnatiThe role of fibrinogen in abdominal aortic aneurysm5/10/16
75Suzanne FentonNational Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, National Toxicology Program LaboratoryAdult health effects associated with perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) exposure1/25/16
74Aimin ChenUniversity of CincinnatiUranium Exposure and Pregnancy Outcomes in the Fernald cohort9/9/15
73Katherine BurnsUniversity of CincinnatiProbing for Endometriosis Associated Serum diagnostic Markers in the Fernald Community Cohort9/1/15
72Lusine YaghjanUniversity of FloridaExposure to Radon and Sunlight and the Riskof Melanoma 3/2/15
71James LockeyUniversity of CincinnatiAutoimmune disease and /or autoimmune-related biomarkers in a cohort occupationally exposed to Libby Amphibole2/7/14
70Dongseok ChoiOregon Health and Science UniversityUranium Exposure and Autoimmune Thyroid Disease Near the Fernald Processing Plant1/1/14
69Vincent MartinUniversity of CincinnatiHopothyroidism and cancer risk9/9/13
68Laura WoollettUniversity of CincinnatiMechanism behind multiparity-induced obesity9/9/13
67Brad HuthUC HealthSecretory Phospholipase A2-llA Levels in Patients with Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer10/11/12
66Andrew SmithUniversity of CincinnatiTobacco Smoke Exposure Health Effects10/1/12
65Georg F. WeberUniversity of CincinnatiOPNc, a marker for cancer progression8/1/12
64Shan LuUniversity of CincinnatiVerification of serum sPLA2-lla as a biomarker for prostate cancer8/25/11
63Robert SmithUniversity of CincinnatiClinical, Environmental and Genetic Factors related to Variable Response to Oral Anti-Diabetic Medication6/14/11
62John HarleyCincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical CenterAutoimmunity and Rheumatologic Disease in Community Residents Near a Uranium Plant at Fernald3/11/11
61Nira Ben-JonathanUniversity of CincinnatiPlacental latogen in breast cancer1/28/11
60Jeffrey WehnesVuComp, IncVuComp-M-Vu Clinical Study1/22/09
59Etta PisanoUniversity of North CarolinaClinical Study, M-Vu Mammography CAD Algorithm Engine 1/22/09
58Vincent MartinUniversity of CincinnatiInvestigating the Comorbid Medical Illnesses associated with Migraine, Tension type and Other Headached Disorders.7/10/10
57Shan LuUniversity of CincinnatiVerification of serum sPLA2-lla as a biomarker for lung cancer7/15/10
56Vernon WalkerUniversity of VermontAssessment of Archived blood specimens for nucleic acid quality and quantity7/14/10
55Bandana ChakrabortyUniversity of North Texas Health Science Center Spirituality Data7/6/09
54Susan PinneyDepartment of Environmental and Public Health/University of Cincinnati College of MedicineComparison calculated BMI's and Stunkard Figures of self and parents3/17/09
53Mary WardNational Cnacer InstituteA longitudinal analysis of thyroid stimulating hormone levels and intake of dietary and drinking water nitrate in the Fernald Medical Monitoring Program (FMMP) cohort2/27/2009 amended 6/15/11
52Cari MeinholdNational Cancer InstituteA longitudinal analysis of thyroid stimulating hormone levels and weight in the Fernald Medical Monitoring Program (FMMP)1/19/09
51Peter StambrookUC/Cancer and Cell BiologyAllelic variants and DNA damage response in the Fernald Study Group2/11/09
50Michal FreedmanNational Cancer InstituteInvestigation of the association between lifetime sun exposure and benign neoplasms of the bowel and other health concerns 12/8/08
49James BurchDepartment of Epidemiology & Biostatistics, Arnold School of Public Health, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SCUranium Exposures in a Community near the Fernald, Ohio Weapons Production Facility: Relationship with Hypertension and Hematologic Markers 11/24/08
48Mounira HabliUC/ College of Medicine/Department of Obstetrics and GynecologyPre-Existing Maternal Constitutional Factors, The Missing Link Between Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes and Cardiovascular Disease 3/14/08
47Susan PinneyDepartment of Environmental and Public Health/University of Cincinnati College of MedicineExposure Biomarkers of Polyfluoroalkyl Compounds in Persons Living in the Ohio River Valley3/13/08
46Kim DietrichDepartment of Environmental Helath/University of Cincinnati College of MedicineThe Influence of Perceived Uranium Exposure on Health Perception3/10/08
45Paul SuccopDepartment of Environmental Helath/University of Cincinnati College of MedicineKidney Function and Damage in Fernald Medical Monitoring Program Participants Exposed to Uranium12/3/07
44Tianying WuUC College of Medicine/Department of Environmental and Public Health Oxidative stress and prostate cancer, a prospective analysis11/20/07
43Susan PinneyUC/Environmental and Public HealthMammographic breast density as a risk factor for Breast Cancer: Environmental and Genetic Determinants8/10/07
42Amadeo PesceUC/Pathology and Laboratory MedicineCollection conditions and reference intervals for using Beta-2-microglobulin (B 2M) as a biomarker of renal function8/9/07
41Aimin ChenUC/Environmental and Public HealthDevelopment of children in the Fernald Medical Monitoring Program (FMMP)
40Susan PinneyUC/Environmental and Public HealthThe Cancerous Effects of Ingesting Uranium Contaminated Water as a Child5/27/07
39Andra BlomkalnsUC/Dept of Emergency MedicineThe Association of CD 14 levels with the Development of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm5/10/07
38Susan PinneyUC/Environmental and Public HealthMethods Study of Breast Density Assessment from Digitalization of Old Mammographic Films and that from FMMP Mammorgaphy Codes 4/18/07
37Tom ChungUC/Family MedicineIn Search of Earlier Diabetic Signs in "Under-Threshold Ranges"4/26/07
36Daniel SchauerUC/General Internal MedicineNatural History of Obesity without Surgical Intervention 2/28/07
35Bandana ChakrabortyUniversity of North Texas Health Science Center Metabolic Syndrome and Chronic Disease Morbidity and Mortality in the FMMP Population2/23/07
34Susan PinneyUC/Environmental and Public HealthBeta-2-microglobulin and Body Mass Index in Residents Living Near a Uranium Plant in Fernald, Ohio2/20/07
33Stephen ZuckerUC/Digestive DiseasesAssociation Between Serum Bilirubin and Cancer2/2/07
32Shuk-Mei HoUC/Environmental and Public HealthCellular Markers of Uranium Stress1/16/07
31Daniel NebertUC/ Environmental and Public HealthHead-and-Neck Cancer and Search for Genetic Polymorphisms (genotyping of cases and controls)12/27/07
30William BarrettUC/Radiology-OncologyEffect of Change in Body Weight on Prostatic Specific Antigen Level6/8/06
29Marshall AndersonUC/Environmental and Public HealthGenetic Epidemiology of Lung Cancer Consortium (Genotyping of controls)10/7/05
28Susan PinneyUC/Environmental and Public HealthCharacteristics of Patients with Colorectal Cancer Among Participants of Fernald Medical Monitoring Program5/13/05
27Mary MahoneyUC/RadiologyPredictors of Screening Mammography Outcomes5/11/05
26Lee AllardUC/Environmental and Public HealthIncidence of Leukemia and Lymphoma in Participants in the Fernald Medical Monitoring Program. (Add. to The Epidemiological Study of Cancer Incidence in FMMP Participants)6/24/04
25M. Kathryn BrownUC/Environmental and Public HealthFernald Area Cisterns and Wells:What is Known and What Do We Need to Know?1/19/04 adddendum 11-23-04
24John BisslerUC/College of MedicineEffect of Uranium on DNA Replication1/6/04
23John BisslerUC/College of MedicineRole of Uranium in Mutagenesis of the PDK1 Gene in Autosomal Dominate Polycystic Kidney Disease5/12/03
22Benjamin GerhardsteinBrown U/SociologyHow 3 Age Groups Perceive the Effect the Program has had on the Overall Health and Well-Being of Their Lives and Their Community. 4/18/03
21Susan PinneyUC/Environmental and Public HealthIncident Cancer of the Lung, Female Breast, Prostate, Urinary System and Malignant Melanoma3/28/03
20Emma Jane FennelUC/Environmental and Public HealthPatterns and Practices of Using a Cistern as a Drinking Water Source to Develop Exposure Metrics. (Add. to The Epidemiological Study of Cancer Incidence in FMMP Participants)5/22/02
19Seung-Hyun ChoUC/Environmental and Public HealthComputer Modeling of Exposure Plumes and Linkage of Exposure Level Estimates with Geographical Points of Residence. (Add. to The Epidemiological Study of Cancer Incidence in FMMP Participants)4/22/02
18Paul HornUC/Mathematical SciencesDevelop new Statistical Techniques to Derive Reference Intervals12/28/01
17Carol DeetsUC/College of NursingComparison of Women Who Do & Do not adhere to Healthcare recommendations5/25/01
16Susan PinneyUC/Environmental and Public HealthBirth Weight and Sex Ratio in Offspring of FMMP Participants5/1/01
15Susan PinneyUC/Environmental and Public Health/College of Medicine/College of NursingBreast Cancer Risk Factors and Mammogram Findings 3/1/01
14Susan PinneyUC/Environmental and Public HealthSpatial Relationship Between 22 Urinary System Cancers and Likely Sources of Environmental Exposure in the Fernald Exposure Domain. 9/16/99
13Susan PinneyUC/Environmental and Public HealthKidney Function of Persons with Contaminated Wells 6/5/98
12Susan PinneyUC/Environmental and Public HealthDevelop Yearly and Cumulative Radon Exposure Estimates to Former Fernald Workers, as well as Obtaining Their Smoking History. 6/5/98
11Susan PinneyUC/Environmental and Public HealthStandardized Prevalence Ratio Analysis of Chronic Conditions, and Analysis of Selected Laboratory Tests, in Participants of the Fernald Medical Monitoring Program1/1/98
10Marshall AndersonUniversity of WisconsinLung Cancer Family Registry10/4/96
9Amadeo PesceUC/Pathology and Laboratory MedicineAnalysis of Laboratory Data10/1/96
8Susan PinneyUC/Environmental and Public HealthDoes Exposure to Environmental Radiation Affect the Frequency of a Pregnancy Ending in Fetal Loss, Spontaneous Abortion, Still Birth or Ectopic Pregnancy?6/8/96
7Susan PinneyUC/Environmental and Public HealthIncidence and Prevalence of Breast Neoplasm Among Women Chronically Exposed to Low-Level Ionizing Radiation11/1/95
6Susan PinneyUC/Environmental and Public HealthFrequency of Diagnoses in the FMMP Database3/10/95
5Robert WonesUC/Internal MedicineOutline Various Types of Statistical Analyses That Could be Performed and the Required Resources3/10/95
4Susan PinneyUC/Environmental and Public HealthReproductive History Data Analysis1/1/95
3Amadeo PesceUC/Pathology and Laboratory MedicineAnalysis of Urine Albumin and Urinary Beta2 Microglobulin Data1/1/95
2Robert WonesUC/Internal MedicinePerceived Health Status of FMMP Participants Before and One Year Following the Initial Examination.1/20/94
1Robert WonesUC/Internal MedicineCytogenetic Studies of Participants of the Fernald Medical Monitoring Program1/20/94
0Bradley CopelandUC/Pathology and Laboratory MedicineMedical Heritage Project1/1/91


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