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Research Studies Emerging from the FCC Data and Biospecimens

PI NameOrganization
Project TitleApplication Date
86NolanUniversity of CincinnatiEcological Grief in The Fernald Community Cohort: A Pilot Study4/27/2021
University of Cincinnati
De novo characterization of cell-free DNA fragmentation hotspots
University of Cincinnati
Dietary Choline Contributes To Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm In A Gut
University of Cincinnati
Evaluation of the Association between PFOA Exposure and Humural Responses to Pneumococcal Vaccine
Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins University
Evaluation of the suitability of the Fernald cohort for ctDNA based early
University of Cincinnati
Metal and PAH Exposures and Infertility and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes of Reproductive Partners in the Fernald Community Cohort
80PinneyUniversity of CincinnatiPerfluoroalkyl substance exposure to children living in the Mid-Ohio Valley in 1991-2008, body size and cholesteroal fractions
79HoUniversity of CincinnatiUrine biomarkers for urological diseases12/15/2017
78BessonneauSilent SpringIdentifying environmental exposures associated with inflammation and breast density using targeted and non-targeted metabolomics1/31/2018
77WangUniversity of CincinnatiExposure to BPA and Cardiac electrical alterations in the FMMP population5/10/16
76OwensUniversity of CincinnatiThe role of fibrinogen in abdominal aortic aneurysm5/10/16
75Suzanne FentonNational Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, National Toxicology Program LaboratoryAdult health effects associated with perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) exposure1/25/16
74Aimin ChenUniversity of CincinnatiUranium Exposure and Pregnancy Outcomes in the Fernald cohort9/9/15
73Katherine BurnsUniversity of CincinnatiProbing for Endometriosis Associated Serum diagnostic Markers in the Fernald Community Cohort9/1/15
72Lusine YaghjanUniversity of FloridaExposure to Radon and Sunlight and the Riskof Melanoma 3/2/15
71James LockeyUniversity of CincinnatiAutoimmune disease and /or autoimmune-related biomarkers in a cohort occupationally exposed to Libby Amphibole2/7/14
70Dongseok ChoiOregon Health and Science UniversityUranium Exposure and Autoimmune Thyroid Disease Near the Fernald Processing Plant1/1/14
69Vincent MartinUniversity of CincinnatiHopothyroidism and cancer risk9/9/13
68Laura WoollettUniversity of CincinnatiMechanism behind multiparity-induced obesity9/9/13
67Brad HuthUC HealthSecretory Phospholipase A2-llA Levels in Patients with Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer10/11/12
66Andrew SmithUniversity of CincinnatiTobacco Smoke Exposure Health Effects10/1/12
65Georg F. WeberUniversity of CincinnatiOPNc, a marker for cancer progression8/1/12
64Shan LuUniversity of CincinnatiVerification of serum sPLA2-lla as a biomarker for prostate cancer8/25/11
63Robert SmithUniversity of CincinnatiClinical, Environmental and Genetic Factors related to Variable Response to Oral Anti-Diabetic Medication6/14/11
62John HarleyCincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical CenterAutoimmunity and Rheumatologic Disease in Community Residents Near a Uranium Plant at Fernald3/11/11
61Nira Ben-JonathanUniversity of CincinnatiPlacental latogen in breast cancer1/28/11
60Jeffrey WehnesVuComp, IncVuComp-M-Vu Clinical Study1/22/09
59Etta PisanoUniversity of North CarolinaClinical Study, M-Vu Mammography CAD Algorithm Engine 1/22/09
58Vincent MartinUniversity of CincinnatiInvestigating the Comorbid Medical Illnesses associated with Migraine, Tension type and Other Headached Disorders.7/10/10
57Shan LuUniversity of CincinnatiVerification of serum sPLA2-lla as a biomarker for lung cancer7/15/10
56Vernon WalkerUniversity of VermontAssessment of Archived blood specimens for nucleic acid quality and quantity7/14/10
55Bandana ChakrabortyUniversity of North Texas Health Science Center Spirituality Data7/6/09
54Susan PinneyDepartment of Environmental and Public Health/University of Cincinnati College of MedicineComparison calculated BMI's and Stunkard Figures of self and parents3/17/09
53Mary WardNational Cnacer InstituteA longitudinal analysis of thyroid stimulating hormone levels and intake of dietary and drinking water nitrate in the Fernald Medical Monitoring Program (FMMP) cohort2/27/2009 amended 6/15/11
52Cari MeinholdNational Cancer InstituteA longitudinal analysis of thyroid stimulating hormone levels and weight in the Fernald Medical Monitoring Program (FMMP)1/19/09
51Peter StambrookUC/Cancer and Cell BiologyAllelic variants and DNA damage response in the Fernald Study Group2/11/09
50Michal FreedmanNational Cancer InstituteInvestigation of the association between lifetime sun exposure and benign neoplasms of the bowel and other health concerns 12/8/08
49James BurchDepartment of Epidemiology & Biostatistics, Arnold School of Public Health, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SCUranium Exposures in a Community near the Fernald, Ohio Weapons Production Facility: Relationship with Hypertension and Hematologic Markers 11/24/08
48Mounira HabliUC/ College of Medicine/Department of Obstetrics and GynecologyPre-Existing Maternal Constitutional Factors, The Missing Link Between Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes and Cardiovascular Disease 3/14/08
47Susan PinneyDepartment of Environmental and Public Health/University of Cincinnati College of MedicineExposure Biomarkers of Polyfluoroalkyl Compounds in Persons Living in the Ohio River Valley3/13/08
46Kim DietrichDepartment of Environmental Helath/University of Cincinnati College of MedicineThe Influence of Perceived Uranium Exposure on Health Perception3/10/08
45Paul SuccopDepartment of Environmental Helath/University of Cincinnati College of MedicineKidney Function and Damage in Fernald Medical Monitoring Program Participants Exposed to Uranium12/3/07
44Tianying WuUC College of Medicine/Department of Environmental and Public Health Oxidative stress and prostate cancer, a prospective analysis11/20/07
43Susan PinneyUC/Environmental and Public HealthMammographic breast density as a risk factor for Breast Cancer: Environmental and Genetic Determinants8/10/07
42Amadeo PesceUC/Pathology and Laboratory MedicineCollection conditions and reference intervals for using Beta-2-microglobulin (B 2M) as a biomarker of renal function8/9/07
41Aimin ChenUC/Environmental and Public HealthDevelopment of children in the Fernald Medical Monitoring Program (FMMP)
40Susan PinneyUC/Environmental and Public HealthThe Cancerous Effects of Ingesting Uranium Contaminated Water as a Child5/27/07
39Andra BlomkalnsUC/Dept of Emergency MedicineThe Association of CD 14 levels with the Development of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm5/10/07
38Susan PinneyUC/Environmental and Public HealthMethods Study of Breast Density Assessment from Digitalization of Old Mammographic Films and that from FMMP Mammorgaphy Codes 4/18/07
37Tom ChungUC/Family MedicineIn Search of Earlier Diabetic Signs in "Under-Threshold Ranges"4/26/07
36Daniel SchauerUC/General Internal MedicineNatural History of Obesity without Surgical Intervention 2/28/07
35Bandana ChakrabortyUniversity of North Texas Health Science Center Metabolic Syndrome and Chronic Disease Morbidity and Mortality in the FMMP Population2/23/07
34Susan PinneyUC/Environmental and Public HealthBeta-2-microglobulin and Body Mass Index in Residents Living Near a Uranium Plant in Fernald, Ohio2/20/07
33Stephen ZuckerUC/Digestive DiseasesAssociation Between Serum Bilirubin and Cancer2/2/07
32Shuk-Mei HoUC/Environmental and Public HealthCellular Markers of Uranium Stress1/16/07
31Daniel NebertUC/ Environmental and Public HealthHead-and-Neck Cancer and Search for Genetic Polymorphisms (genotyping of cases and controls)12/27/07
30William BarrettUC/Radiology-OncologyEffect of Change in Body Weight on Prostatic Specific Antigen Level6/8/06
29Marshall AndersonUC/Environmental and Public HealthGenetic Epidemiology of Lung Cancer Consortium (Genotyping of controls)10/7/05
28Susan PinneyUC/Environmental and Public HealthCharacteristics of Patients with Colorectal Cancer Among Participants of Fernald Medical Monitoring Program5/13/05
27Mary MahoneyUC/RadiologyPredictors of Screening Mammography Outcomes5/11/05
26Lee AllardUC/Environmental and Public HealthIncidence of Leukemia and Lymphoma in Participants in the Fernald Medical Monitoring Program. (Add. to The Epidemiological Study of Cancer Incidence in FMMP Participants)6/24/04
25M. Kathryn BrownUC/Environmental and Public HealthFernald Area Cisterns and Wells:What is Known and What Do We Need to Know?1/19/04 adddendum 11-23-04
24John BisslerUC/College of MedicineEffect of Uranium on DNA Replication1/6/04
23John BisslerUC/College of MedicineRole of Uranium in Mutagenesis of the PDK1 Gene in Autosomal Dominate Polycystic Kidney Disease5/12/03
22Benjamin GerhardsteinBrown U/SociologyHow 3 Age Groups Perceive the Effect the Program has had on the Overall Health and Well-Being of Their Lives and Their Community. 4/18/03
21Susan PinneyUC/Environmental and Public HealthIncident Cancer of the Lung, Female Breast, Prostate, Urinary System and Malignant Melanoma3/28/03
20Emma Jane FennelUC/Environmental and Public HealthPatterns and Practices of Using a Cistern as a Drinking Water Source to Develop Exposure Metrics. (Add. to The Epidemiological Study of Cancer Incidence in FMMP Participants)5/22/02
19Seung-Hyun ChoUC/Environmental and Public HealthComputer Modeling of Exposure Plumes and Linkage of Exposure Level Estimates with Geographical Points of Residence. (Add. to The Epidemiological Study of Cancer Incidence in FMMP Participants)4/22/02
18Paul HornUC/Mathematical SciencesDevelop new Statistical Techniques to Derive Reference Intervals12/28/01
17Carol DeetsUC/College of NursingComparison of Women Who Do & Do not adhere to Healthcare recommendations5/25/01
16Susan PinneyUC/Environmental and Public HealthBirth Weight and Sex Ratio in Offspring of FMMP Participants5/1/01
15Susan PinneyUC/Environmental and Public Health/College of Medicine/College of NursingBreast Cancer Risk Factors and Mammogram Findings 3/1/01
14Susan PinneyUC/Environmental and Public HealthSpatial Relationship Between 22 Urinary System Cancers and Likely Sources of Environmental Exposure in the Fernald Exposure Domain. 9/16/99
13Susan PinneyUC/Environmental and Public HealthKidney Function of Persons with Contaminated Wells 6/5/98
12Susan PinneyUC/Environmental and Public HealthDevelop Yearly and Cumulative Radon Exposure Estimates to Former Fernald Workers, as well as Obtaining Their Smoking History. 6/5/98
11Susan PinneyUC/Environmental and Public HealthStandardized Prevalence Ratio Analysis of Chronic Conditions, and Analysis of Selected Laboratory Tests, in Participants of the Fernald Medical Monitoring Program1/1/98
10Marshall AndersonUniversity of WisconsinLung Cancer Family Registry10/4/96
9Amadeo PesceUC/Pathology and Laboratory MedicineAnalysis of Laboratory Data10/1/96
8Susan PinneyUC/Environmental and Public HealthDoes Exposure to Environmental Radiation Affect the Frequency of a Pregnancy Ending in Fetal Loss, Spontaneous Abortion, Still Birth or Ectopic Pregnancy?6/8/96
7Susan PinneyUC/Environmental and Public HealthIncidence and Prevalence of Breast Neoplasm Among Women Chronically Exposed to Low-Level Ionizing Radiation11/1/95
6Susan PinneyUC/Environmental and Public HealthFrequency of Diagnoses in the FMMP Database3/10/95
5Robert WonesUC/Internal MedicineOutline Various Types of Statistical Analyses That Could be Performed and the Required Resources3/10/95
4Susan PinneyUC/Environmental and Public HealthReproductive History Data Analysis1/1/95
3Amadeo PesceUC/Pathology and Laboratory MedicineAnalysis of Urine Albumin and Urinary Beta2 Microglobulin Data1/1/95
2Robert WonesUC/Internal MedicinePerceived Health Status of FMMP Participants Before and One Year Following the Initial Examination.1/20/94
1Robert WonesUC/Internal MedicineCytogenetic Studies of Participants of the Fernald Medical Monitoring Program1/20/94
0Bradley CopelandUC/Pathology and Laboratory MedicineMedical Heritage Project1/1/91


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