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Fellow Conference 2009 Poster of “Is ultrafine particle exposure associated with Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder in children?”
Fellow Conference 2009 Poster PDF
Fellow Conference 2009 Poster JPGs

AAAAI 2008 Poster exploring “Is wheal size at age one a good predictor of allergic sensitization at age two?”

AAAAI 2008 Poster PDF
AAAAI 2008 Poster JPGs

AAAAI 2006 Poster of “Persistent Aeroallergen Sensitization at Ages One and Two in the Cincinnati Childhood Allergy and Air Pollution Study”
AAAAI 2006 Poster PDF

ASA 2005 Poster of “Analysis of Short-term Influences of Ambient Aeroallergens on Pediatric Asthma Hospital Visits in Cincinnati Area”
ASA 2005 Poster PDF

ATS 2005 Poster of “Factors Associated with Persistent Wheeze without a Cold at Age One”
ATS 2005 Poster PDF

AAAAI 2005 Poster of “Evaluation of atopy at age one”
AAAAI 2005 Poster PDF

AAAAI 2005 Poster of “Mold Damage in Homes and Atopic Wheezing in Infants”
AAAAI 2005 Poster PDF

SER 2004 Poster of “Effects of ETS and Other Indoor Household Exposures on the Upper Respiratory Health of Infants”
SER 2004 Poster PDF

ATS 2003 Poster of “Validation of a population based brief allergy symptom questionnaire”
ATS 2003 Poster PDF

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