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What is involved in your participation?

Your participation can involve the following, depending on the requirements of the study and/or the preferences of each individual family member.

  • Completion of mailed questionnaires and phone interviews with Research Associates at the Family Lung Cancer Study, to provide us with demographic, medical, and health habit information. All can be done by mail or phone.
  • Provide a blood sample of 4-5 tablespoons donated at a time of your convenience, without any cost to you, at a local laboratory or physician’s office.
  • Provide a saliva specimen using a kit mailed by us to your home.
  • Allow us to obtain certain medical and/or pathology reports to confirm a cancer diagnosis of a family member or yourself.
  • Allow us to contact you annually to update your family tree.

How will you use the blood or saliva sample?

In our laboratory, we will use the DNA in the white blood cells to determine that person’s genotype. Through statistical analyses we hope to identify the susceptibility genes.

Will I be given my gene test results?

The goal of this study is to understand the meaning of genetic susceptibility mutations. Because we are still collecting and analyzing data to help us understand any genes which cause susceptibility to lung cancer, the meaning of an individual result may not be understood for some time. Identifying such genes will aid in the development of strategies for the improved prevention and treatment of lung cancer. When and if we detect the presence of any genetic susceptibility mutations, all study participants will be contacted and informed of our discoveries. However, individual gene test results will not be given to any participants. In the event that you wish to learn more about your personal genetic susceptibility, we will assist you in obtaining a genetic counselor, who will perform a new blood test and explain your results to you. This is another way of protecting your confidentiality.

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