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Your Interview Day at Cincinnati Medicine

We are looking forward to meeting you during your Interview Day!

The University of Cincinnati uses the Multiple Mini Interview process on Interview day. The MMI was developed roughly 10 years ago and the popularity of the MMI has been growing internationally. The University of Cincinnati College of Medicine was the first U.S. medical school to solely use the MMI for interviews in the selection of students into an MD program.

Read the New York Times Article

Interview Format

Interviews for the 2021-2022 admissions cycle will be conducted virtually. Check-in times are posted on your personal Application Status Page. You will have a series of links to navigate once your day has begun.

Virtual Interview Day Tips & Reminders

  • Applicants should dress in professional/business attire. Due to the length and structure of the virtual MMI, applicants should ensure they are in a comfortable, private area.
  • Applicants will be asked to prove their identity during Check-In and the first MMI station. A drivers license will be required to show our staff
  • Applicants must be alone in the room during the entire interview.
  • Applicants are NOT permitted to record/share any part of the Virtual Interview Day in any way and must agree to nondisclosure of MMI scenarios
  • Applicants will be required to complete a system test prior to beginning the MMI using the computer that will be used during the interview day to ensure they can complete the interview.
  • Applicants must ensure strong, reliable internet connection to participate in the Virtual MMI.

Financial Services

Financial Aid information will be provided within your interview process.


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