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Your Interview Day at Cincinnati Medicine

We are looking forward to meeting you during your Interview Day!

The University of Cincinnati uses the Multiple Mini Interview process on Interview day. The MMI was developed roughly 10 years ago and the popularity of the MMI has been growing internationally. The University of Cincinnati College of Medicine was the first U.S. medical school to solely use the MMI for interviews in the selection of students into an MD program.

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Interview Day Format

Interviews for the 2021-2022 admissions cycle will primarily be conducted on-site unless a virtual interview is necessary and approved (established through communication with MD Admissions team).

Sample MedCat Interview Experience


Interview Dress Tips

Applicants should dress in professional/business attire. Due to the length and structure of the MMI, applicants will be standing for two minutes between each station and participating in a 45-minute walking tour, so shoes should be comfortable.

Travel Information

If you are traveling by plane, the airport is in Northern Kentucky; you should allow a minimum of two hours to travel to the College of Medicine. Allow yourself plenty of time so you will not be rushed. There are two transportation services from the airport to the College of Medicine: Airport Executive Shuttle (800) 990-8841, and AAA Yellow Cab (513) 821-8294.


You should park in the Eden Avenue Garage on your interview day. The garage is located directly across the street from the front entrance of the Medical Sciences Building where the College of Medicine is located. If the Eden Avenue Garage is full, please park in The Graduate Hotel Garage, which is marked in blue on the parking map. The address for the Graduate Hotel Garage is 151 Goodman Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45219. 

The address for the Eden Avenue Garage is 3223 Eden Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45220. Your parking will be validated (free of charge) upon checking in at your interview day.

  • The parking garage is next to the Hamilton County Coroner's Office.
  • You will see a Cincinnati Medicine feather outside of the garage that says "Welcome Future MedCats".
  • Enter the Eden Garage.
  • Once you enter the garage you will see a parking sign.
  • Please park on level 7 or 8.
  • Leave your ticket in your car.
  • Come to the Eden Avenue street level and walk across the street.
  • Walk up the large set of stairs that lead to the Care/Crawley Building.
  • At the top of the stairs, you will see another Cincinnati Medicine feather that says "Welcome Future MedCats".
  • Enter the building through the revolving doors and you will see the Admissions staff!
  • Safe travels, and we can't wait to meet you!

Financial Services

Information will be provided about financial aid on your Interview Day.

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