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COVID-19 Updates

NOTICE TO APPLICANTS: The following COVID-19-related changes have been made to our process for the 2022 application cycle; please be mindful of the fact that the global, national and local landscapes of COVID-19 are evolving and that the 2022 application cycle plans may change pending public health recommendations/mandates.

  1. Invitations to complete the Secondary Application will begin earlier than the last admissions cycle (ie, invitations issued from 7/7/21 through 11/14/21).
  2. The Early Decision Program deadline is 8/1/21 (two weeks earlier than the 2021 cycle).
  3. Interviews will begin in August 2021 (two weeks earlier than the 2021 cycle).
  4. Interviews will primarily be conducted on-site unless a virtual interview is necessary and approved (established through communication with MD Admissions team).
  5. The interview season will run through January 2022 (two months earlier than the 2021 cycle). 

Early Decision Program (EDP)

  1. Invitations to complete a Secondary Application will begin 7/7
  2. Early Decision Program deadline is 8/1
  3. Interviews will begin August 2021
  4. Interviews will be conducted in virtual format and in-person (when possible)
  5. The interview season ends in January 2022

In an effort to attract high achieving students who have a compelling reason to want to attend the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, the College offers the opportunity for students to apply through an Early Decision Program (EDP) within the AMCAS

Competitive EDP candidates for the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine would demonstrate the following features:

  • Significant medical exploration
  • Cumulative Undergraduate GPA > 3.60
  • Cumulative BCPM (Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Math) GPA > 3.5
  • MCAT Score (combined) > 512 or 88th percentile
  • Wide variety of service and extracurricular activities
  • Compelling reason for pursuing a career in medicine
  • Strong recommendations from mentors/educators/preceptors

EDP applicants will either be accepted into the incoming class or deferred to the regular application pool for further consideration.

EDP Timeline
By August 1stSubmit AMCAS application
By August 1stSubmit additional materials including:
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Transcripts
  • MCAT Score(s)
  • University of Cincinnati Online Secondary Application
August - SeptemberInterviews of selected candidates
By September 30EDP applicants notified of admissions decisions