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COVID-19 Updates

NOTICE TO APPLICANTS: The following COVID-19-related changes have been made to our process for the 2021 application cycle

  1. Invitations to complete a Secondary Application will begin two weeks later than usual due to the delayed transmission of your application materials by AMCAS (ie, beginning 7/15 through 11/1)
  2. Early Decision Program deadline is extended by two weeks (ie, 8/14 rather than 8/1)
  3. Interviews will be delayed by two weeks (ie, begin Sept 2020 rather than August 2020)
  4. Interviews will be conducted virtually (rather than as on-site/in-person interviews)
  5. The interview season will be extended through February 2021 (ie, usually ends in January)

COVID-19 FAQs for Applicants

My upcoming MCAT administration has now been cancelled. What does this mean for my application?
Is it possible to review my application without my MCAT score?
Since my MCAT administration is now delayed, does this mean I should wait to apply to next year’s cycle?
I plan to apply to your early decision program but my MCAT is now delayed. Am I still able to apply?
Does the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine have a policy regarding grades that are Pass/Fail?
I am unable to obtain the additional shadowing/service hours that I originally planned to have prior to applying. How will this be viewed?

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