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COVID-19 Updates

NOTICE TO APPLICANTS: The following COVID-19-related changes have been made to our process for the 2022 application cycle; please be mindful of the fact that the global, national and local landscapes of COVID-19 are evolving and that the 2022 application cycle plans may change pending public health recommendations/mandates.

  1. Invitations to complete a Secondary Application will begin earlier than the last admissions cycle (i.e., invitations issued from 7/7/21 through 11/14/21).
  2. The Early Decision Program deadline is 8/1/21 (two weeks earlier than the 2021 cycle).
  3. Interviews will begin in August 2021 (two weeks earlier than the 2021 cycle).
  4. Interviews will primarily be conducted on-site unless a virtual interview is necessary and approved (established through communication with MD Admissions team).
  5. The interview season will run through January 2022 (two months earlier than the 2021 cycle).

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