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Faculty-to-Faculty Mentoring Award

The CoM Office of Research and CoM Faculty Affairs & Development are soliciting nominations for the Faculty-to-Faculty Mentoring Award.  


Mentoring among faculty at UC College of Medicine is a crucial element in sustaining a vital faculty community, promoting faculty development and increasing faculty retention. The purpose of the Faculty-to-Faculty Mentoring Award is to recognize the outstanding efforts of one clinical and one basic science faculty member for their mentorship of other faculty members. This award is designed to recognize faculty-to-faculty mentoring not faculty-to-student/trainees mentoring.  

These prestigious awards acknowledge the time sacrifice and dedication faculty mentors devote to foster the career development and academic success of colleagues in the areas of research, education, service and clinical practice. Exceptional mentoring can include offering advice, feedback and guidance on research activities, coaching on work-life balance issues, providing professional opportunities for faculty mentees, and/or assisting in development of teaching skills. The award recipients will receive an honorarium of $1500 and commemorative plaque.  

Nomination Process 

  • A CoM faculty mentor may be nominated by previous or current faculty mentees, faculty colleagues, or their department chair/unit head. Self-nominations are not allowed. Nominators must notify the nominee that they are being nominated.  
  • Students and trainees are not eligible to nominate.  
  • Nominations packets must include: 
  • Coversheet (include title of the award- Clinical Faculty-to-Faculty Mentoring Award or Basic Science Faculty-to-Faculty Mentoring Award, nominee’s name, professional title, department, and contact information of those providing the nomination.) 
  • Narrative that addresses the selection criteria and demonstrates documentary evidence. (Narrative should exceed no more than 3 pages.) 
  • Table of Faculty Mentees (use table provided, see final page of this document)  
  • Joint nomination from multiple faculty mentees is allowed. 
  • Nominations are due by Thursday, June 24th. Nominations should be emailed as one pdf document to Brieanne Sheehan at

Eligibility requirements

  • Nominees should have served as a faculty mentor, in a formal or informal capacity, to several faculty over a continuous period and have had demonstrated success in the areas they provide faculty mentoring (e.g., research, teaching). 
  • Full-time faculty members with an official CoM academic appointment are eligible to be nominated. Emeritus faculty are not eligible for this award but may nominate others. 
  • Unfortunately, faculty at CCHMC and the VA are not eligible to apply but may nominate others.  

Selection Criteria 

  • A demonstrated commitment to fostering the intellectual, creative, scholarly, and professional growth of their faculty mentees so that they may function effectively and with measurable success at UC and at the national/international level. 
  • Evidence of sustained commitment to a professional mentoring relationship that results in career growth or personal development of mentees. 
  • An overall track record of mentoring and service to the faculty. 
  • Please avoid outlining a history of mentoring students/trainees as this is not the focus of the award.

Questions should be sent to Brieanne Sheehan at, 513-479-5676    

Table of Faculty Mentees 

A table of faculty mentees is required for each nomination. Please complete the Faculty-to-Faculty Mentoring Table including only faculty-to-faculty mentoring. Do not include the mentoring of students/trainees. Add additional rows if needed. The example row has been added for clarity.


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