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Free / Discounted Medical Centers around Cincinnati

If you need care that our clinic cannot provide, please see the list below for other free or discounted health centers in the Cincinnati area. For example, you may want to contact one of these clinics if you need help with a chronic (long-term) condition like diabetes or high blood pressure because SRFC currently does not provide chronic care.

The HealthCare Connection
(several locations)
Lincoln Heights
1401 Steffen Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45215
513-483-3088 (English)
513-483-3087 (Español)

924 Waycross Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45240

8146 Hamilton Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45231

Good Samaritan Free Health Center
3727 St Lawrence Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45205

Crossroad Health Center
(several locations)
5 E Liberty St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202

2859 Boudinot Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45238

10450 New Haven Rd
Harrison, OH 45030

Price Hill Health Center
2136 W 8th St.
Cincinnati, OH 45204

Primary Care Physicians near Springdale, OH

It is a good idea to have a regular doctor that you can go to for check-ups and if you get sick. If you are looking for a primary care doctor near Springdale, Ohio, please see the list below.

UC Health Primary Care
11590 Century Boulevard
Cincinnati, OH 45246
Phone: (513) 648-9077
Accepts Medicare and Medicaid

Better Family Care
11465 Springfield Pike
Cincinnati, OH 45246
Phone: (513) 671-2555
Accepts most insurance plans

Mercy Health – Springdale Family Medicine
212 W Sharon Road
Cincinnati, OH 45246
Phone: (513) 771-7213
Accepts Medicare and Medicaid

Mercy Health - Tri-County Family Medicine (se habla español)
129 West Kemper Road
Springdale, OH 45246
Phone: (513) 671-3222
Accepts Medicare and Medicaid

Physician Associates of Kemper
140 West Kemper Road
Cincinnati, OH 45246
Phone: (513) 671-2902
Accepts Medicare and Medicaid

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