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About the Residency Program

The Radiation Oncology residency training program at the UC College of Medicine and University of Cincinnati Medical Center has a long history of excellent graduate medical education, cutting-edge research and patient-centered clinical activity.

Our focus on resident education has been the foundation of this department since its inception and has continued up to the present, under the leadership of outstanding program directors: Dr. Bernard Aron (1969-1990), Dr. Kevin Redmond (1990-2006), Dr. William Barrett (2006-2008), Dr. Ruth Lavigne (2008-2012), Dr. Brad Huth (2012- 2016), Dr. Jordan Kharofa (2016 - 2023) and Dr. Sara Medek (2023-present). This commitment to resident education has produced many influential radiation oncologists in both the academic and private practice communities.

Our residents are provided with comprehensive training, whether they wish to pursue an academic career, join a private practice or pursue a fellowship.

Our commitment to excellence and our educational legacy offers residents an opportunity to learn in a dynamic, clinically oriented program where residents and faculty work side by side in a spirit of collegiality and teamwork at every level.

To accomplish our goals and pursue our mission, we value innovation, creativity and leadership. Our residents, given progressive and graded responsibility, are offered opportunities to develop the requisite skills to become outstanding radiation oncologists—appreciated by patients and leaders in the field.


  • Fully ACGME-accredited program with eight residents from across the nation;
  • Balanced faculty for multidisciplinary care in radiation oncology, including all subspecialty areas.
  • Residents are provided with significant brachytherapy experience including the following:
    • MRI-Based intracavitary and interstitial HDR for gynecologic brachytherapy
    • Low dose rate gynecologic brachytherapy capabilities
    • Low dose rate I-125 prostate seed implants
    • A robust ocular oncology program and eye plaque brachytherapy experience
  • The Cincinnati Children's/UC Health Proton Therapy Center opened in September 2016. This center provides one gantry for treatment of adults, one gantry for treatment of children, and the only dedicated research gantry available internationally. The center offers scanning beam technology with daily on-board cone beam capabilities.
  • High volume of pediatric experience through our affiliation with Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.
  • Significant stereotactic experience in CNS, Lung, and Abdominal malignancies.
  • 8 months of elective time which offers significant flexibility in tailoring a resident's educational and career goals.
  • Mock Oral exam yearly in the Spring.
  • University of Cincinnati graduates rank in the top 25% of all programs for the American Board of Radiology Exams.
Sara Medek, MD
Radiation Oncology Residency Director
Phone: 513-584-4775
Michelle Reinhart 

Radiation Oncology Residency Coordinator
Phone: 513-584-5668

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