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Requirements for Program Completion

Clinical Competency Checklist is based on the AAPM REPORT NO. 249 Essentials and Guidelines for Clinical Medical Physics Residency Training Programs (in Radiation Oncology Physics). The material in the TG 249 checklist is largely covered in the Modules, which are comprehensive training documents covering 16 aspects of clinical training. Modules include reading materials, tasks, signoffs, and questions.

To complete the Physics Residency Program, the Physics Resident must:

  • Successfully complete the Modules used as a scaffold for the clinical rotations:
    1. Professionalism and Ethics
    2. Orientation Radiation Oncology
    3. Safety
    4. Introduction to Clinical Training
    5. CT Simulation
    6. External Beam Linac QA Daily/Monthly
    7. External Beam IGRT
    8. External Beam Planning
    9. Monitor Unit Calculations
    10. Brachytherapy
    11. Physics Chart Check
    12. External Beam Linac Annual QA
    13. Special Procedures – brain SRS/TBI/TSET
    14. Proton
    15. Research
    16. Student Progress Evaluation
  • Participate and pass:
    • Orientation (first 2 weeks of 1st year)
    • Radiation Safety Exam
    • Physics Didactic Course (Sept-June. during 1st year)
    • Radiation Biology Course (Sept-June. during 1st year)
    • Annual Radiation Safety on-line training (presentation by UC and UCHealth Radiation Safety twice a year)
  • Participate in/attend the conferences and special lectures listed below:
    • University of Cincinnati Radiation Safety training (annually)
    • University of Cincinnati Bloodborne Pathogen training (annually)
    • University of Cincinnati Medical Center Radiation Safety training (annually)
    • University of Cincinnati Medical Center fire safety(annually)
    • Introduction to the safe operation of all graduate program equipment
    • Patient Peer Review Conference (every Monday 8-9AM for 2 years)
    • Patient Dosimetry Peer Review Conference (every Thursday 10:30AM -12 PM for 2 years)
    • Morbidity & Mortality conference (one Thursday a month 12:00-1:00 pm for 2 years)
    • Grand Rounds Conference (each Wednesday 8:00-9:00 am for 2 years)
    • Physics Resident Seminars (resident presentation once a month Sept.-June for 2 years).
  • Finalize and Pass:
    • Completion of 16 Modules, associated individual rotation reviews, and remedials (monthly)
    • Year 1 Oral Exam
    • Year 2 Comprehensive Oral Exam
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