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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do I Apply?

University of Cincinnati Graduate School Application 

Your application cannot be fully reviewed until your application fee has processed and all required supporting documents have been submitted. It is highly recommended to review your application and contact your references prior to the submission of your application.

Is There A Deadline For Admitted Students To Respond To Their Offer Letter?

Yes. Admitted students will receive an offer letter with a specified deadline date. Applicants are required to sign and return such letters to the sender before the deadline to the Environmental and Public Health Sciences Graduate Studies Office. Students who do not reply may forfeit their place in the program. 

Should Reference Letters For Admission Be Academic Or Professional?

To be effective, reference letters must show that the referee can explain why your background prepares you for a career in your chosen field and that you will be able to perform well under the rigors of graduate study. Therefore, letters of reference from current or past professors are the best choice. In addition, a letter from a research professional would be more appropriate than a letter from a business professional. However, if you do not have professional references from an individual in your field of study, a reference from a past supervisor that addresses your performance on the job and can assess qualities like responsibility, level of maturity, and other elements that will lend to success in graduate school, is entirely appropriate.

Is There A Minimum GRE Score Requirement?

Competitive applicants have scores at the 50th percentile or higher. The admissions committee will review each application as a whole, taking all elements of the application into consideration, but applicants with scores at or above the 50th percentile will be more competitive.

Can Other Tests Replace The GRE?

The GRE is the preferred test of aptitude and is required for almost all applicants. Applicants may provide MCAT scores.  The test scores must be current; that is, results must not have expired and must have been taken within the past 5 years. 

I Took The GRE 10 Years Ago. Do I Have To Re-take The GRE? 

Yes. GRE test scores are only accepted within 5 years of the test date. 

What is the University of Cincinnati’s GRE Code? 


Do International Students Need To Take The TOEFL?

  • If English is not your native language:
    All applicants whose native language is not English must sit for the Test of English as a Foreign Language offered by the Educational Testing Service in countries throughout the world. 
  • If English is your native language:
    International applicants whose native language is English are typically exempt from taking the TOEFL, IELTS or PTE as part of the graduate admissions process. Applicants who hold a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree from an accredited college or university located in the United States are typically exempt from taking the TOEFL, IELTS or PTE as part of the graduate admissions process.

Is There A Minimum TOEFL Score Requirement?

The recommended minimum TOEFL score for admission is a minimum of 80 (internet).

Do You Offer On-line Courses?

Currently we do not offer on-line courses except for a select few MPH courses. MPH does not offer core courses online. Additional courses may be offered in an on-line format in the near future. However, no student should expect to complete their degree requirements entirely on-line at this time. Classroom attendance is necessary for almost all courses. 

What Are The Tuition Rates?

Tuition and fees can be viewed on our Graduate School webpage, here.  

Do You Provide Funding For Graduate Student Tuition Or Expenses?

The MPH Program does not offer graduate assistantship opportunities. Other academic programs in the Department of Environmental and Public Health Sciences offer qualified PhD applicants tuition and stipend coverage through graduate assistantships. This does NOT apply to applicants seeking admission into MS programs. 

What Happens During Orientation?

During orientation you will receive an overview of the Department of Environmental and Public Health Sciences and meet key faculty from each division. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and get a clear understanding of the academic expectations that will be required. Important information will be covered by the University of Cincinnati’s Public Safety Department and new student departmental pictures will be taken. Lastly, you will have an opportunity to obtain your student ID, keys, and parking pass.

How Will I Get Information From the Department?

You will receive e-mail notifications via a departmental e-mail list. Announcements about division seminars and special events will be posted on bulletin boards in Kettering Laboratory as well as the Environmental and Public Health Sciences website.

United States Postal Address:
Department of Environmental and Public Health Sciences
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
PO Box 670056
Cincinnati, OH 45267 -0056

Street Address:
160 Panzeca Way
Kettering Laboratory 
Cincinnati, OH 45267 -0056

Do I Need to Use My University of Cincinnati E-mail Account?

Yes. Students are required to use their University of Cincinnati e-mail account for communication between faculty and staff. It is the preferred method of communication. 

What Happens to My University of Cincinnati E-mail When I Graduate? 

Your University of Cincinnati e-mail remains active for one year following graduation.

How Do I Get Around Campus? 

The University of Cincinnati is divided into two adjacent campuses, East (Medical Campus) (PDF) and West (Main Campus) (PDF). 

Is There Public Transportation?  

Yes. The Cincinnati Metro bus system is a great way to get around the city of Cincinnati. 

How Do I Get My Student ID?

Pictures for ID Badges are done on West Campus at Four Edwards Center. Keys and Parking Permits are purchased and made at the same facility. You can travel to Four Edwards via the University of Cincinnati’s shuttle bus (CCM Plaza/Eden Avenue Route). If you have your own transportation, you can park in the Corryville Garage near Four Edwards Center, which offers free 30 minute parking. 

Where Do I Park?

To park on campus you must obtain a parking permit or pay a daily fee in certain garages. You need to be registered for at least one credit hour in order to purchase a parking permit. Parking permits can be purchased online, or through the mail on a quarterly or yearly basis. Parking services is located on West Campus at Four Edwards Center. The closet garage to Kettering Laboratory is Eden Garage

How Do I Get A Key For Kettering Laboratory?

Swiping your student ID in the reader at the main entrance will grant you access into Kettering Laboratory after 5 p.m. To have a key made for a specific room, please complete the Key Access Request Form (PDF). 

Where Do I Find Housing? 

The University of Cincinnati maintains on-campus graduate housing. However, there is often a waiting list. Most graduate students live in apartments near campus. For more information please visit graduate student, off-campus housing

Where Is The Library? 

The Health Sciences Library (HSL) is located in the Medical Science Building. Books and journal articles can be requested through University Libraries. Hundreds of databases can be searched online with many journal articles being available for download in pdf file format. 

Where Do I Buy Books?

There are two on campus University Bookstores, one on East Campus and one on West Campus. The East Campus bookstore is located on the first floor in the Medical Science Building, and has books for classes offered in the College of Medicine. The West Campus bookstore is located in Tangeman University Center. There is also an off campus bookstore located near West Campus, Dubois Bookstore where you can also purchase books for courses offered on the West Campus.

Do I Have To Pay For Heath Insurance?

All students attending the University of Cincinnati are required to have health insurance. To learn more visit, UC Student Health Insurance

What Do I Do If I Get Sick?

If possible, inform your instructor of any classes you will miss due to illness. University Health Services offers two campus clinics for students - one in the Richard E. Lindner Center and the other in Holmes Hospital. 

What If I Need To Talk To Someone?

Please visit Counseling & Psychological Services – Division of Student Affairs (CAPS). CAPS is a professional counseling office within Student Affairs that provides counseling, outreach programs, and related services for UC students and those concerned about their welfare. 24 hour Consultation & Crisis Helpline: 513-556-0648

How Do I Find Out More About Cincinnati?

When you live in Cincinnati you get to experience the best of both worlds — the pleasantness of a rural setting and the convenience of a metropolitan area. It is much like a small town, with nice neighborhoods and friendly residents, but it is also an urban city with significant cultural, business-related, and entertainment-oriented perks. 

What Do I Do If The University Is Closed?

Graduate classes are canceled when the University of Cincinnati closes. Weather related delays and closings are announced online, through e-mail and text notifications, and with local news reporting services. 

How Do I Find Out What Classes I Need To Take?

A course listing guide should be available for your program on your division’s student resources webpage. 

What If Two Classes Are Scheduled at the Same Time, or One Ends at the Time Another Class Begins?

During your program, you may find that required classes have time conflicts. Currently, the on-line course registration system will not allow you to register for courses that have time conflicts. If this occurs please contact the Environmental and Public Health Sciences Graduate Office to explain the issue and to remove the registration block. 

Can I Take A Class In A Different Department?

Yes. Taking classes in other departments and colleges at the University of Cincinnati is encouraged to broaden your education. In the Department of Public Health Sciences in the College of Medicine, permission of the instructor is required. Also, be aware that other colleges may have other expectations, requirements or restrictions to classes. It is always advisable to contact the professor or the graduate office in that department if you have questions or wish to register. 

Where Can I Buy Food?

Vending machines are located throughout Kettering Laboratory. A Subway and a Starbucks are located in the Medical Sciences Building. Other food options are located throughout campus. 

Where Can I Get Posters Printed?

The University of Cincinnati maintains a printing and duplicating shop located in the Health Professions Building (HPB), room G44. An account is needed for poster set up and printing with their staff. For assistance and questions contact printing services.  

What Are The Steps Toward Graduation?

Any student intending to receive a graduate degree is responsible for completing the “On-line Graduation Application”.

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