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Fall 2023 Seminar Series

08/30/2023 - Green Heart Lousiville Project: Studying the Relationship between Grenness and Health
Aruni Bhatnagar, PhD, FAHA
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09/06/2023 - Gut Microbiome Composition and Metabolic Capacity differs by FUT2 Secretor Status of Exclusively Breastfed Infants
Alex Thorman, PhD
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09/13/2023 - Dysregulation of the epigenome by nickel exposure
Suresh Cuddapah, PhD
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09/20/2023 - Arsenic promotes diabetes through altered carbohydrate metabolism
Matt Dobson, PhD
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09/27/2023 - Applying neuroimaging to environmental epidemiology
Kim Cecil, PhD
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10/04/2023 - Cardiovascular Disease and the Heart of Northside
Florence Rothenberg, PhD
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10/11/2023 - Cancer Survivorship
Alique Topalian, PhD, MPH
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10/18/2023 - Occupational Perspectives from Clinically-Managed Residential Withdrawal Management
Aaron Vissman, PhD, MPH
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10/25/2023 - Effects of PFAS on Pubertal Progression in Young Girls
Susan Pinney, PhD
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11/01/2023 - Air Pollution, Community Characteristics, and Children's Health
Patrick Ryan, PhD
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11/08/2023 - Research to Policy
Christine Whittaker
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11/15/2023 - Nazarenko Research Talk
Yevgen Nazzarenko, PhD
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11/28/2023 - One Health Applications to Microbial Genomic Epidemiology
Kathryn Dalton, PhD, VMD, MPH
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