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Spring 2022 Seminar Series

1/12/2022 - Epigenomics and Environmental Health: New Paths to Precision Medicine
Andrea A. Baccarelli MD, PhD
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2/2/2022 - Reflections on Running an Urban Health Department
Camille Jones MD, PhD
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2/9/2022 - Understanding the Lung Immune Landscape During Tuberculosis
Shabaana A. Khader, PhD
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2/16/2022 - Interventions to Reduce Exposure in Vulnerable Populations
Susan Buchanan, MD, MPH
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2/23/2022 - UC Proteomics Capabilities with some recent Impact in Biomedical Research
Ken Greis, PhD
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3/2/2022 - Long-term Monitoring and Sequencing of SARS-CoV-2 in Wastewater
Eunice Varughese, PhD
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3/9/2022 - Infection and Immunity of Environmental Exposure Associated Pulmonary Diseases
Y. Peter Di, PhD
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3/23/2022 - PM2.5in Cincinnati, OH: Sensitives to Meterology and the Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic
Simone Balachandran, PhD
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3/30/2022 - High Efficient CRISPR Editing and Inducible CRISPRi/a/ko Services
Yueh-Chiang Hu, PhD
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4/6/2022 - Perinatal Substance Use: Methods to Expand Our Understanding of Substance Use Around the Timing of Pregnancy
Nichole Nidey, PhD
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4/21/2022 - Cryo-Electron Microscopy at UC
Desiree Benefield, PhD
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