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Department of



Acute Pain

Team Leader: Dr. James Fortman

Anesthesiologists: Drs. James Bruns, Timothy Burroughs, Brent Carroll, Marc Cassidy, Richard Caudell, Andrew Friedrich, Mike Hawryschuk, John Lawrence, Harsh Sachdeva

The Acute Pain Service/Inpatient Pain Service's goal is to help make pain more tolerable for patients so that they can have a more pleasant hospital experience. We offer a full range of regional anesthesia options ranging from nerve blocks to epidurals to aid with acute pain during and after surgery. Through the precise placement of needles and catheters, we are able to inject local anesthetic to numb the affected area in order to reduce the amount of pain perceived. This allows for a better overall experience during and after surgery and allows for patients to focus on getting better as opposed to pain.

In addition to our role as regional anesthesiologists, we also aid with medication recommendations for acute and chronic pain. We believe in the role of patient education and the use of a multi-modal pain medication regimen in order to help decrease overall reliance on opioid medications and improve patient's ability to function.


Team Leader: Dr. Gerald Kitchens 

Anesthesiologists: Drs. Michael Blust, Brent Carroll, Marc Cassidy, Yvonne Cuffy, Lesley Gilbertson, Michael Hawryschuk, James Phero

The Division of Ambulatory provides anesthesia for patients at the West Chester Surgical Center, West Chester Hospital and the Holmes Hospital operating rooms at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. The team's focus is on regional anesthesia and "fast track" techniques for ambulatory procedures, specializing in anesthesia for orthopedics, plastic surgery, bariatrics, and ENT surgery.

Burn Surgery 

Team Leader: Dr. John McCall 

Anesthesiologists: Drs. Renee Davis, Thomas James

The Division of Burn Surgery provides high-quality innovative care for the treatment of burns in children and adults. Expert care from the burn and plastic/reconstructive surgeons makes the University of Cincinnati Medical Center Burn Center and the Shriners Burns Hospital Cincinnato a major referral center for burn victims in the Midwest. Any resident can also spend a month at Shriners Burns Hospital as an elective. (Hybrid critical care and pediatric anesthesia experience.)

Cardiac Surgery 

Team Leader: Dr. Benu Makkad

Anesthesiologists: Drs. Ahmed Khalil, JP Lawrence, Rajeshri Nayak, Matthew Wallace, Ping Wang, Paul Wojciechowski

The Division of Cardiac Surgery leads the region in the discovery and advancement of innovative treatment for patients with cardiac disease. Programs in robotic-assisted and minimally invasive surgical techniques, as well as the development of new advances such as the growth of new blood vessels, have made the University of Cincinnati a state-of-the-art referral center for both standard and complex cases. 

The division performs a wide variety of operative procedures in patients with cardiac and vascular diseases, including off-pump coronary revascularization, left ventricular assist device (LVAD) insertion, as well as all-arterial myocardial revascularization and mitral valve repair. The division is alone in the Tristate in offering long-term LVAD support for heart failure, and it serves as a hub center for referral of patients requiring specialized cardiac care. An additional focus is the treatment of adults with congenital heart disease.

Chronic Pain

Team Leader: Dr. Harsh Sachdeva

Anesthesiologists: Drs. James Bruns, James Fortman, Karen Krone
PAs: Amy Bernhardt

The UC Health Pain Medicine Center is dedicated to providing comprehensive treatment to patients with the goal of reducing pain, improving quality of life and increasing activity levels. Our physician and staff are fully equipped to treat a variety of pain conditions and our office features modern technology and equipment that allows us to provide comprehensive treatments and the latest technologies in one convenient location. 

Our physicians are fellowship trained in pain medicine and as faculty members at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, are backed by the latest in discovery- driven care and research. We provide different approaches to pain medicine including, but not limited, to interventional techniques, medical management, psychological therapies and surgical techniques. Besides the pharmacological management we perform basic pain procedures like epidural steroid injections to advanced techniques, such as spinal cord stimulators and intrathecal devices.

General Surgery 

Team Leader: Dr. Michael Hawryschuk

Anesthesiologists: Drs. James Arden, Stuart Bertsch, Diann Bridenbaugh, Brent Carroll, Todd Carter, Marc Cassidy, Yvonne Cuffy, Renee Davis, Nervane Domloj, Alan Guhlke, Michael Hawryschuk, Mary Clare Hill, William Hurford, Thomas James, Lisa Jason, Karen Krone, Marcus Lehman, Leonard Lind, Melanie Maughlin, Shital Patel, James Phero, Alex Topala

The Division of General Surgery offers state-of-the-art endoscopic and minimally invasive surgical approaches to gastrointestinal and endocrine disorders, including robotic-assisted procedures for general surgery.
Focus is on the surgical management of a wide variety of disorders including general surgery, benign and malignant gastric abnormalities, swallowing disorders (such as gastroesophageal reflux disease and achalasia), gallstones, abdominal wall hernias, diseases of the endocrine glands, inflammatory bowel diseases, diverticulitis and colon cancer.


Team Leaders: Dr. James Arden

Anesthesiologists: Drs. Diann Bridenbaugh, Richard Caudell, Mary Clare Hill, James Phero
CRNA: Jason Hayes, Jacques Shelton 

University of Cincinnati Medical Center is a regional referral center for all types of neurosurgical procedures, especially for neurovascular disease. Residents rotate on the neuroanesthesia service for one month during the CA-1 year and one month in the CA-2 year. During this rotation, the resident gains experience with commonly employed neuroanesthetic techniques and expand his/her knowledge base in neuroanatomy and neurophysiology. Residents are instructed on the management of fluids, cerebral volume reduction, induced hypotension, cerebral protection, as well as the anesthetic management of intracranial, cerebrovascular and complex spinal surgery.

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Team Leader: Dr. Lesley Gilbertson

Anesthesiologists: Hyndhavi Chowardy, Drs. Renee Davis, Alan Guhlke, Thomas James, Marcus Lehman, Rajeshri Nayak, Helen Pappas, Shital Patel, Ping Wang

The Division of Obstetrical Anesthesia provides maternal analgesia and anesthesia for 2,500 deliveries a year and for an additional 700 surgical procedures. Approximately 40 percent of these patients have maternal and/or fetal high risk complications. Although the major emphasis is on regional anesthesia (approximately 85 percent of all deliveries are performed under epidural or spinal anesthesia), other blocks and general anesthetic techniques are taught. In addition, the division provides anesthesia care for patients undergoing fetal surgery in conjunction with Cincinnati Children’s' Hospital Medical Center. The division supports an ACGME-accredited OB Anesthesia Fellowship program.

Otolaryngology (Adult Airway Center, Head & Neck Surgery) Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Ophthalmology

Team Leader: Dr. Jim Phero

Anesthesiologists: Drs. Mike Blust, Richard Caudell, Renee Davis, and Mike Hawryschuk

This service involves team collaborative management of the shared airway with our otolaryngology, oral and maxillofacial surgery and ophthalmology specialty groups. Areas of expertise include anesthetic techniques for complex airway, head and neck cancer, skull base cancer, orthognathic surgery, and Landmark system guided sinus surgeries. Advanced airway management techniques incorporate use of video laryngoscopes, video bronchoscopes, and optical stylet systems.

Faculty are involved with training students, student anesthetists, residents, fellows, faculty, and practitioners from outside UCMC at the UC College of Medicine Simulation Center. Workshops in the Center involve task training and crisis resource management (CRM) emergency team scenarios for normal and complex airway management.


Team Leader: Dr. Marc Cassidy

Anesthesiologists: Drs. Michael Blust, James Bruns, Brent Carroll, Richard Caudell, James Fortman, Mike Hawryschuk, Gerald Kitchens

Orthopaedics is the busiest service at University of Cincinnati Medical Center. The orthopedic team's focus is on developing regional anesthesia techniques, including ambulatory continuous nerve blocks.

Thoracic Surgery

Team Leader: Dr. Andrew Friedrich

Anesthesiologists: Drs. Suzanne Bennett, Brent Carroll, William Hurford, Sean Josephs, Courtney Jones, John Lawrence, Maggie Mechlin, Matt Wallace, Paul Wojciechowski

The Division of Thoracic Surgery is a leader in treating the entire spectrum of thoracic diseases including lung cancer, benign and malignant esophageal disorders, airway, mediastinal, diaphragmatic, and chest wall disease. The division offers particular expertise in minimally invasive thoracic procedures, including thoracoscopic (VATS) lobectomy and sophisticated interventions for complex airway and foregut disorders.

The division specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer and they perform the highest volume of lung cancer surgery in Cincinnati. Special attention is directed to patients who are at high risk for surgery due to underlying lung disease including those with cystic fibrosis and interstitial lung disease. The division offers a full range of lung cancer treatments from minor resections to highly complex thoracic operations.


Team Leader: Dr. Sean Josephs

Anesthesiologists: Drs. Suzanne Bennett, James Bruns, Marc Cassidy, Andrew Friedrich, Michael Hawryschuk, Courtney Jones, Maggie Mechlin

The Division of Transplantation provides kidney, pancreas and liver transplantation. The division is a leader in laparoscopic nephrectomy, immunosuppressive drug development, corticosteroid elimination, laparoscopic liver surgery, dialysis access research, and the development of paired kidney donation programs. Robotic-assisted surgery and islet cell transplantation offer new hope for high-risk patients.

The UC Liver Transplant Program is the busiest program in Ohio, with an average of 50 liver transplants per year. The Division has performed over 500 laparoscopic donor nephrectomies and is one of a very small number of programs that performs 100 percent of living-donor nephrectomies laparoscopically.

Simultaneous kidney-pancreas, pancreas after kidney and solitary pancreas transplants are performed by Division faculty. The Paired Donation Network continues to grow, increasing access for patients to paired kidney donation programs across the United States.

The division has excelled in the area of hepatobiliary surgery for benign and malignant tumors of the pancreas, liver and biliary tree, having performed over 1,000 advanced hepatobiliary surgical procedures.

Trauma/Critical Care

Team Leader: Dr. Suzanne Bennett

Anesthesiologists: Drs. Suzanne Bennett, Andrew Friedrich, William Hurford, Sean Josephs, Maggie Mechlin, Courtney Jones, Gretchen Schultz, Paul Wojciechowski 

The Division of Trauma and Critical Care provides excellent care of seriously injured and critically ill patients. University of Cincinnati Medical Center is the only verified adult Level I trauma center in the region, serving Southwestern Ohio, Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana.

The University of Cincinnati serves as the United States Air Force Center for Sustainment of Trauma and Readiness Skills (C-STARS) at the Trauma Center of University of Cincinnati Medical Center. This program provides a clinically relevant training platform for military medics who must remain skilled in trauma and critical care, and is the training platform for all Air Force Critical Care Air Transport Teams.

Vascular Surgery

Team Leader: Dr. Ping Wang

Anesthesiologists: Drs. Suzanne Bennett, Andrew Friedrich, William Hurford, Courtney Jones, Sean Josephs, John Lawrence, Benu Makkad, Maggie Mechlin, Rajeshri Nayak, Paul Wojciechowski

The Division of Vascular Surgery offers a full range of minimally invasive procedures and operates as a regional center for the treatment of complex vascular problems. The division performs standard vascular procedures for abnormal enlargement of arteries in the chest and abdomen, repair of previous aortic surgery and bypass to bring blood flow around blocked arteries in the leg.

The division was one of the first academic vascular practices in this country to develop a formal program in endovascular surgery and remains a recognized leader in the clinical applications of this rapidly evolving field.