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Who Are We

Residents attending MARC Event

The University of Cincinnati is committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). As part of a joint effort to increase diversity in healthcare, the University of Cincinnati Department of Anesthesiology formed a DEI committee in 2021. We welcome individuals of all races, ethnicities, sexual and gender identities, religions, and abilities. Our department is committed to recruiting and retaining faculty, residents, and staff so that our department reflects the Cincinnati population we serve.

DEI Committee Members


Embracing our differences to impact change.


To utilize our understanding of diversity and inclusion to foster open dialogue about biases in medicine and how to address and evoke change as it pertains to healthcare disparities.


  • To design and implement initiatives, educational opportunities and events that foster cultural sensitivity, humility and inclusion for the Department of Anesthesiology
  • To empower and mentor our underrepresented faculty, residents, students and staff for professional development and equitable success
  • To continuously practice equitable and transparent recruitment procedures
  • To promote open dialogue regarding racism, equality vs equity, and discrimination

Initiatives & Programs

  • Grand Rounds along with Journal Club
  • Past presentations:
    • Systemic Racism in Healthcare
    • The Silent Epidemic: Disparities in Maternal Morbidity and Mortality
    • Transgender Medicine
    • Microaggressions
    • Anesthesia for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • Resident and student DEI gatherings to promote inclusivity and establish a safe space
  • Faculty and resident mentorship into leadership roles
  • Diverse recruitment of both faculty and residents
  • Underrepresented Minority Visiting Student Clerkship

Medical Student Opportunities: Come Meet Our Department

Committee members with pumpkins
Fig.1 - Our residents enjoying some sunshine after presenting at The American Society of Anesthesiologists annual meeting.
Underrepresented in Medicine Visiting Clerkship Program

The University of Cincinnati as an institution is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. Not only do we understand the importance of producing physicians that mirror our Cincinnati community in which we serve, we have developed a number of initiatives to help medical students offset some of the barriers which accompany medical training.

The program has committed to sponsoring up to 12 funded visiting clerkship positions. This program will provide a stipend up to $1500, to help defray the cost of an 4-week clinical away rotation, to 4th year medical students attending a U.S. medical school.

We encourage you to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

We are excited at the opportunity to get to know you!

Several members of faculty on a lawn
Fig.2 - UC Anesthesia faculty and residents kicking off the academic year with our DEI welcome gathering. Hosted at Dr. Thomas James home.
Diversity Open House

Every year our department host a virtual open house for fourth year medical students interested in joining our anesthesia residency. The purpose of this event is for applicants to meet our residents and learn more about the exciting DEI initiatives and programming within our department. This will be in the format of a question and answer session. Our open house for the 2022-23 interview cycle will be October 26th at 5:00 pm EST.

Please fill out the Google Form currently on our UC website to join the listserv.

Several faculty members at bonfire / bbq
Fig.3 - UC Anesthesia women faculty and residents enjoying a backyard bonfire and BBQ hosted at the home of Dr. Courtney Jones.
Chat with a DEI Resident

As part of our efforts to increase diversity in our department, we invite any applicant who identifies as underrepresented in medicine to schedule a one-on-one meeting with a resident who also identifies as URM. We hope this provides applicants a safe space to ask questions about the culture of Cincinnati and our program.

All applicants who have a scheduled interview will receive an email from our DEI resident chair, Melanie Russell on how to schedule the one-on-one meeting.

Additional Resources

Minority Housestaff Association
LGBTQ Center at the University of Cincinnati
UC College of Medicine Pipeline Programs
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine ODEI

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Here at UC, we have an outstanding Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) program. It is our goal to work in tandem with the CRNA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee to achieve our departmental goals.

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