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Our Vision

Our vision is to be a center of excellence for the field of anesthesiology that provides outstanding service to our community.

Our Values

We hold these core values utmost:

  • To be ethical in practice and research
  • To maintain a culture of safety and teamwork
  • To provide high-quality clinical care through evidence-based practice and learning

Our Key Missions

  • Service: Provide outstanding, safe clinical service that is responsive to the needs of our community
  • Learning: Advance the practice of anesthesiology through learning, teaching and research
  • Collegiality: Create an outstanding workplace: Provide a collegial environment, mentoring and career development
  • Fiscal Responsibility: Maintain financial strength and growth to support our missions of clinical service and learning

Our History

Anesthesiology in the University of Cincinnati was given a department status in 1968. Prior to this time, there was a Division of Anesthesia within the Department of Surgery. In the division status, there was never more than one person in the anesthesia service with the exception of years 1964 and 1968, when Drs. Arthur Ogden and Robinson Kirkpatrick were at the General Hospital (now known as the University of Cincinnati Medical Center) and the Cincinnati Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, respectively. During this time, there were two residents in Anesthesia.

In 1968, C. Nelson Melampy, MD, arrived and was followed shortly by Theodore Striker, MD. Both worked full-time at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and acted as consultants to other institutions within the university for anesthesia problems.

In 1970, N.W. Brian Craythrone, MD, arrived to take the position of professor and chairman of the Department of Anesthesia. He brought with him Drs. Thomas Joyce, Roderick Malone, and Alexander Burch. With these six people, the Department of Anesthesia functioned in conjunction with the School of Nurse Anesthesia. There was a period of recruitment by Dr. Craythrone, and a residency program was undertaken.

With the first residency class in July 1971, the department grew to a total of 16 people with physician coverage at Christian R. Holmes, Veterans Administration, and Children’s Hospitals.

In March 1975, Dr. Craythorne left the University of Cincinnati Department of Anesthesia to become Professor and Chairman of the Department of Anesthesia at the University of Miami. He was succeeded by Dr. Striker in the capacity of Acting Chairman for a two-year period.

During this time, the department grew to a total of 29 members, with one faculty member from the original group leaving to join the University of Mississippi; otherwise the faculty remained intact.

In April 1977, Phillip Bridenbaugh, MD, assumed the Chairmanship of the Department.

On Sept. 30, 2003, Dr. Bridenbaugh resigned as chairman, and on Oct. 1, 2003, William Hurford, MD assumed the role of Professor and Chairman of the department.

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