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The Flourishing Series

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Move beyond your cancer diagnosis and flourish

Cancer survivorship starts on the day of diagnosis.

Join us for this free in-person and virtual educational and community-building series to learn how to improve your quality of life throughout your cancer journey.

The sessions will focus on six domains of flourishing:

  • Happiness & Life Satisfaction
  • Mental & Physical Health
  • Meaning & Purpose
  • Character & Virtue
  • Close Social Relationships
  • Financial & Material Stability

Flourishing: Meaning & Purpose

3113 Bellevue Ave

The University of Cincinnati Cancer Center's Flourishing Series is a monthly event hosted by the Survivorship Program that focuses on empowering cancer patients in life after treatment. Join us to learn how you can move beyond your cancer diagnosis and "flourish" through wellness, meaning, relationships, and more.

On Thursday, June 8th, Alique Topalian, PhD, MPH will present and lead a vision board activity focusing on meaning and purpose.

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