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Ohio House Bill 371

When screening for breast cancer, all women should have access to early detection. Ohio recently passed legislation that improves access to screening for all adult women.

Why was Ohio House Bill 371 (HB 371) needed?

  • All women should have access to breast cancer screenings for early detection. 
    Ohio recently passed legislation that improves access to screening for all adult women. When breast cancer is caught early, there's a 99% chance of survival.
  • Women under 45 are getting breast cancer in growing numbers. 
    Breast cancer can occur at any age. If you have symptoms or a family history you need to be getting mammograms.
  • Screening guidelines have not been updated to reflect new numbers of cases. 
    Your provider might be using guidelines that are out of date. It's important to know your risks and screening options.
  • More breast cancers are getting missed. 
    HB 371 provides coverage for an annual mammogram for all adult women. However, for nearly 50% of women who have dense breast tissue, supplemental tests are needed in addition to a mammogram. Dense breast tissue masks cancer on mammograms and also increases the risk of developing breast cancer. Supplemental tests include Breast MRI, Fast MRI, and Ultrasound.

HB 371 Overview

  • Extends private insurance and Medicaid coverage to include one mammogram every year.
  • Removes age limitations for mammograms.
  • Provides additional coverage for supplemental screening for women with dense breasts or other risk factors.
  • Improves dense breast notification letters to patients with dense breasts to educate them on this diagnosis and additional screening options.

Breast Cancer Screening & HB 371 FAQs

How do I know if I have dense breasts and what are the next steps?
What are the treatment costs under HB 371?
What are the supplemental screening options for dense breasts?
Does HB 371 only provide coverage to OH residents?
Is HB 371 in effect now?

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