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About the Program

The Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery medical education program provides outstanding opportunities for students to explore the field of Otolaryngology.

The clinical electives allow medical students to explore Otolaryngology as a possible career choice and learn about diagnosis and treatment of common head and neck diseases.

Students interested in research will find willing co-investigators and mentors in basic and applied research in both the adult and children's fields.

Third-Year Specialty Clerkship

During the Otolaryngology Specialty Clerkship, students will gain exposure to the wide range of ear, nose and throat diseases treated by the otolaryngologist. Each student will learn the appropriate history and examination techniques for head and neck diseases.

Students will learn the diagnosis and management of a variety of common otolaryngologic disorders, including otitis media, hearing loss, rhinitis, sinusitis, and cancer of the head and neck. In addition, specific otolaryngologic emergencies such as airway obstruction, epistaxis and facial trauma will be covered.

Students will participate in the day-to-day activities of the otolaryngologic team including inpatient and outpatient care and observe surgery. The experience will be divided between the University of Cincinnati Medical CenterCincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, and the Cincinnati VA Medical Center.

Fourth-Year Elective Clerkships

The department continually offers fourth-year students both clinical and research based elective opportunities.

Senior medical students can advance their knowledge of Otolaryngology as it applies to specialties from pediatrics to neurosurgery.

Seniors interested in Otolaryngology as a career field benefit from working with the resident and faculty teams at the University of Cincinnati Medical CenterCincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and Cincinnati VA Medical Center.

Away Rotations for Visiting Fourth-Year Students

How to Apply: The department accepts applications for clinical electives only through the VSLO system of the AAMC. (We do not currently offer research electives to visiting students.) Slots are limited and the program is competitive, so please be mindful of the dates below. Please also be mindful of the required documents listed on our course page on VSLO, as an incomplete submission will delay consideration of your application. As a courtesy to all applicants, application materials will not be accepted outside of VSLO or prior to the UC COM open enrollment date (below).

For more information regarding the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine's policies and guidelines for visiting medical students, please visit the Office of Medical Education's Visiting Students page.

Important Dates:

  • Review rotation dates for the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine in the Visiting Student Elective Bulletin. Choose the academic year you want to view from the drop-down window at the top, scroll to Otolaryngology, and select "Syllabus." Scroll to the table with rotation dates. Note: the syllabus is considered a sample only and is subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Answers to questions that are commonly asked by prospective visiting students may be found in our UCCOM Otolaryngology Visiting Students FAQs (PDF) document.

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