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The Voice, Swallowing & Ariway Center allows trainees the opportunity to learn from a wide range of laryngologic diseases.  We have a state of the art clinic staffed by three fellowship trained laryngologists and eight speech-language pathologists. Residents are involved with clinic, including in-office procedures such as videostroboscopy, endoscopic evaluations of swallowing, injections for vocal fold paralysis and KTP laser treatment of laryngeal papillomatosis and dysplasia.

With the upgraded office spaces, distal chip flexible scopes and high definition towers the clinic experience affords residents the opportunity to learn at every step of their training.  In the early PGY 1-2 years, this is the ideal setting to hone the endoscopic skills. During the senior and chief levels, residents are able to practice their diagnostic abilities; as well as, assist during in-office procedures such as botox injections, vocal fold augmentation, biopsy, KTP laser, and transnasal esophagoscopy.

In the operating room, residents can expect to have a robust learning experience in laser surgery, microflap, thyroplasty, arytenoid adduction, zenker’s diverticulectomy, cricopharyngeal myotomy, and esophageal dilation. Given the unique background of each of our physicians, trainees will be comfortable in both endoscopic and open airway reconstruction. The adult airway program at the University of Cincinnati rivals its pediatric counterpart at Children’s Hospital and even includes some of the same pediatric airway specialists as well.

We also have a very active NIH funded laryngeal biomechanics lab that is currently looking at the basic mechanisms of vocal fold vibration, sound production. Presently, many of the insights from the lab are being used to improve laryngeal reconstruction and to optimize treatment of patients with vocal fold paralysis.

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