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November 5, 2020

Craig Thomson, PhD

Following the defense of his dissertation "WNT5A in malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors", Craig Thomson has accepted a position as Clinical Research Associate at Medpace. Craig conducted his research with Nancy Ratner, PhD.


June 17, 2020

Ted Hong, PhD

Ted Hong successfully defended his dissertation "Alteration of human gene regulatory networks by human virus transcriptional regulators". Ted was advised in his studies by Matthew Weirauch, PhD.


March 4, 2020

Richard Ballweg, PhD

Congratulations to Rick Ballweg, who has earned his PhD on the basis of his dissertation, "Computational analysis of heterogeneous cellular responses". Drew studied under the guidance of Tongli Zhang, PhD.


December 5, 2019

NIH Fellowship for Jeffrey Crocker

Congratulations to Jeffrey Crocker, who has received a prestigious NIH National Research Service Award (F31) on the basis of his proposal "Autonomic remodeling and modulation as mechanism and therapy for sudden cardiac death in heart failure". Jeffrey studies under the guidance of Deeptankar DeMazumder, MD, PhD.


December 4, 2019

AHA Fellowship for Sam Slone

In a highly competitive process, Sam Slone was awarded a Predoctoral Fellowship by the American Heart Association. Sam is mentored by Michael Tranter, PhD.


November 15, 2019

Award for Martha Dua-Awereh

Congratulations to Martha Dua-Awareh, whose research presentation in the college-wide Graduate Student Research Forum was awarded an Honorable Mention. Martha conducts her research under the mentorship of Yana Zavros, PhD.


October 25, 2019

Research award for Alex Ruwe

For his poster and data blitz presentations, Alex Ruwe earned a Research Recognition Award at the East-West Iron Club meeting. Alex studies with Bryan Mackenzie, PhD.


October 24th, 2019

Drew Rosselot, PhD

Congratulations to Drew Rosselot, who successfully defended his doctoral dissertation, "Ontogeny of the intestinal circadian clock and its role in the response to Clostridium difficile toxin B". Drew studied under Christian Hong, PhD and has accepted a job offer at the Procter & Gamble Company, where he did a summer internship.


October 24th, 2019

Krithika Ramasamy-Subramanian, PhD

In defending her dissertation, "Discovery of cancer splicing and associated auto-regulatory networks through cross-species circadian analysis", Krithika Ramasamy-Subramanian completed her requirements for the PhD. Krithika was co-mentored by Nathan Salomonis, PhD and Christian Hong, PhD.


July 15, 2019

Emma Teal, PhD

Congratulations to Emma Teal on the successful defense of her doctoral dissertation, "The role of CD44 variant 9 in gastric ulcer repair". With the help of her mentor, Yana Zavros, PhD, Emma completed five manuscripts during her four years in the program.


June 3, 2019

Summer internship for student

Drew Rosselot has landed a summer internship with the Procter & Gamble Company, where he will continue his work on circadian clock function within the skin. Drew is mentored by Christian Hong, PhD.


May 13, 2019

Welcome to Steven Crone, PhD

The graduate program welcomes Steven Crone, PhD to its program faculty. Dr. Crone uses transgenic mouse models to investigate the neural control of respiratory muscles with the goal of improving ventilation in patients with neuromuscular disease and injury.


May 1, 2019

Welcome to Takanori Takebe, MD

Takanori Takebe, MD has joined the faculty of the graduate program. Dr. Takebe uses stem cells and organoids to develop new therapies for treating pediatric intractable disease.


March 28, 2019

Kristen Engevik, PhD

Kristen Engevik has been awarded the PhD on the basis of her dissertation "Elucidating the mechanism behind gastric restitution", done with her adviser Marshall Montrose, PhD. Kristen is pursuing postdoctoral studies at Baylor University.


March 13, 2019

Hesam Hakimjavadi, PhD

Congratulations to Hesam Hakimjavadi on receiving his PhD for his dissertation "Sodium pumps keep us running: distinct roles for Na,K-ATPase isozymes in regulation of skeletal muscle contractility". Hesam was mentored by Judy Heiny, PhD.



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