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The department seminar showcases cutting-edge research in physiology, pharmacology and related disciplines, spanning basic research to translational science. We invite internationally renowned visitors or local investigators from UC and Cincinnati Children's Hospital to discuss their work. Seminars are held weekly throughout the fall semester, spring semester, and the first portion ("Maymester") of the summer term.

Tuesdays at 4:00 pm
4051 Medical Sciences Building
*except where indicated

Refreshments are served. For more information about the seminar program, please contact Jeannie Cummins (Program Manager), Email: or Tel: 513-558-3102.

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January 12J. Elliott Robinson, MD, PhD
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Shining a (d)light on dopaminergic phenotypes in neurofibromatosis type 1
January 26Natalie Norman
Systems Biology and Physiology

Alex Ruwe
Systems Biology and Physiology
An exercise-driven, insulin-independent glucose uptake pathway in contracting skeletal muscle 

Mechanism of hepcidin inhibition of the iron exporter ferroportin
March 2Yuhui Cao
Systems Biology and Physiology

Christopher Parker
Systems Biology and Physiology
Roles of circadian rhythms in cell proliferation and tumor development 

Mathematical Modeling of the HPA Axis in PTSD
*March 3Christopher Rodgers, PhD
Columbia University
Sensorimotor strategies and neuronal representations for shape recognition
March 9Konstantinos Drosatos, PhD
Temple University
Managing cardiac metabolism to treat cardiomyopathy
March 16Susan George, MD, FRCP(C), FACP
University of Toronto
Dopamine receptor complexes: novel signaling and functions in brain
April 13Sevde Göker
Systems Biology and Physiology

Faiz Rizvi
Systems Biology and Physiology
Circadian clock regulation of Notch-mediated differentiation in mouse intestinal epithelial cells 

maxATAC, a suite of user-friendly, deep neural network models for transcription factor binding prediction from ATAC-seq
*April 14Dongyin Guan, PhD
University of Pennsylvania
Interconnections between circadian clocks and metabolism
April 20Chen Gao, PhD
University of California at Los Angeles School of Medicine
RNA metabolism in heart physiology - life beyond transcription
May 4Nihal Ezgi Wood, PhD
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Uncovering noncanonical determinants that establish cell fate before commitment
May 25Weirong Wang, PhD
Johnson & Johnson
PK/PD considerations for CAR-T therapies
October 19Yin Yeng Lee
Systems Biology and Physiology

Kit Qualls
Molecular, Cellular, and Biochemical Pharmacology
Machine learning approaches to identify sleep regulators 

Corticosteroid receptor regulation of inflammatory low back pain in mice
October 26Karthickeyan Chella Krishnan, PhD
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Role of sex differences and mitochondrial dysfunction in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
November 9Anthony Glorius
Systems Biology and Physiology

Christina Thapa
Systems Biology and Physiology
Examining grooming as a measure of stress-induced behaviors 

Single-nuclei sequencing to understand gene-expression changes in propriospinal neurons following spinal cord injury
November 30Jeffrey Crocker
Systems Biology and Physiology

Latia Tucker
Molecular, Cellular, and Biochemical Pharmacology
Autonomic remodeling and modulation as mechanism and therapy for spontaneous sudden cardiac death 

Cardiovascular mechanisms of endocrine disrupting chemicals
December 14Sakhtivel Sadayappan, PhD, MBA
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Skeletal paralogs of myosin binding protein-C in muscle physiology
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