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The department seminar showcases cutting-edge research in physiology, pharmacology and related disciplines, spanning basic research to translational science. We invite internationally renowned visitors or local investigators from UC and Cincinnati Children's Hospital to discuss their work. Seminars are held weekly throughout the fall semester, spring semester, and the first portion ("Maymester") of the summer term.

Tuesdays at 4:00 pm
4051 Medical Sciences Building
*except where indicated

Refreshments are served. For more information about the seminar program, please contact Jeannie Cummins (Program Manager), Email: or Tel: 513-558-3102.


January 14 Ronald Vagnozzi, PhD
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Rethinking regeneration: insights into cardiac wound healing from lineage tracing and cell-based therapies
February 18A.P. Naren, PhD
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Personalized medicine: pancreas-on-a-chip to study CFRD
February 25Greg Harris, PhD
University of Cincinnati College of Engineering and Applied Science
Investigating piezoelectric biomaterials to address traumatic nerve injuries
March 3Robert McCullumsmith, MD, PhD
University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences
Bioinformatics tools for the non-bioinformatically informed: pipette-free hypothesis testing, in silico drug discovery, and kinome array profiling
March 10Seungwoo Kang, PhD
Mayo Clinic
Role of astrocyte-neuron communication in reward seeking and alcohol addiction
September 1Litsa Kranias, PhD
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Calcium circuits in the heart: a matter of life and death
September 15Yin-Yeng Lee
Systems Biology and Physiology

Samuel Slone
Systems Biology and Physiology
Machine learning approaches to identify sleep regulators 

HuR-dependent regulation of inflammatory remodeling following myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury
September 29Jeffrey Crocker
Systems Biology and Physiology

Martha Dua-Awereh
Systems Biology and Physiology
Autonomic remodeling and modulation as mechanism and therapy for spontaneous arrhythmogenic sudden cardiac death 

Metaplastic regeneration of the gastric epithelium and Helicobacter pylori-induced gastric disease in the elderly
October 13Conor Liston, MD, PhD
Weill Cornell Medicine Graduate School of Medical Sciences
Probing and rescuing dysfunctional brain circuits in depression
October 20Shelly Flagel, PhD
University of Michigan Medical School
Exploiting individual differences in reward learning to uncover the neural mechanisms underlying psychopathology
November 10Satish Nair, PhD
University of Missouri College of Engineering
title TBA
December 1Catherine Makarewich, PhD
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Dissecting the role of novel muscle-enriched microproteins
All remaining seminars during Spring Semester have been canceled.

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