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Success Rates and Comparisons

Success Rates

UC's special master's program in physiology graduated its first class in 2007.  Though many of our students apply and get accepted during their year in our program, the success rate for admission of our graduates into professional schools is best illustrated after a "gap year". The table below provides success rates for graduates of the UC special master's program in physiology applying to medical or other professional school, by program year.  To our knowledge, we are one of the few programs of this type that actively track and report the success rates of our graduates in this fashion.  Please consult our alumni pages for specific information about our graduates and their career destination. 

Program yearStudents admitted to medical school during the program yearaTotal students admitted to medical (or dental) schoolb

aExpressed as percent of the total number of students who applied to medical (or dental) school during the program.
bExpressed as percent of the total number of graduates who applied to medical (or dental) school.

Program Comparisons

Refer to the table below to compare UC's special master's program in physiology program with similar programs at other institutions.

Institution Side-by-side with medical students? Program duration (years) Tuition (annual) Cost-of-living indexdNumber of students per year
University of CincinnatiYes1$38,678/$39,078e100%40
Georgetown UniversityYes1$55,248e169%180 (med campus)
Eastern Virginia Medical SchoolYes1-2

1 year: $43,712/$55,518

2 year: $63,487/$71,917e

Case Western ReserveNo1-2$47,920 to $63,904e95% 170-175
University of Toledo No 1$34,958/$70,093e 84%55-60 
Boston UniversityNo1-2$61,050e162%170-180
Drexel University (IMS)No1$30,826e114%NA
Loyola UniversityNo1-2$47,160e111%NA

dCost-of-living index relative to Cincinnati (100%) from, accessed September 13, 2022.
eRates provided are tuition only, for academic year 2022–23 (in-state/out-of-state, if applicable)

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