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Meeting Notes

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The HSGA hosts a number of events every year from happy hours to Reds games to charity walks to alternative careers seminars. We're also a source of important information such as fellowship and travel award deadlines. All of this is on our website, but you can stay informed by reading our email listserv, checking out our Google Calendar, or following us on Facebook and Twitter (@HSGA_UofCincy). The MED-OHSGS Listserv is an email distribution list for use by health sciences graduate students. It is used for announcements about meetings, events, and general information. This is not your program coordinator's listserv! On average you might receive 3-5 emails per month. The list is used for important announcements, not discussion. All subject headers contain the string "MED-OHSGS" for easy email filtering. How to join in the mailing list? -> Be in the UC school network and Click [Join in] (make sure you're using school's internet connection! If you're home, use VPN to connect to school network.). How to get off the mailing list? To remove yourself from our listserv, send an email from the subscribed address to In the subject and body write "Unsubscribe MED_OHSGS".

Meeting Notes

Constitution and Bylaws

Our Constitution and HSGA Bylaws

Meeting notes from previous years:

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