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Cognitive Aging Program

The Cognitive Aging Program conducts human research to identify mechanisms associated with age-related cognitive decline and improve memory function in middle-aged and older adults. Robert Krikorian, PhD, is Director of the Cognitive Aging Program.

Many of our studies involve interventions that cancognitive-aging-research-group be implemented through lifestyle changes such as nutritional supplementation and dietary modification.  For example, blueberry supplementation(PDF), grape juice supplementation(PDF), and carbohydrate restriction(PDF) have been shown to improve memory in relatively brief time frames. We have also identified brain regions involved in early age-related decline(PDF). We currently are recruiting men and women with mild memory decline between the ages of 50 and 65 for a diet modification study. We are also recruiting men and women between the ages of 60-80 with memory decline and Parkinson's disease for a diet modification study.

In addition, we are involved in pharmaceutical clinical trials designed to test the effectiveness of new drugs for Alzheimer's disease and related conditions.

Please click here for our Current Studies: Current Studies

For more information about these studies, call 513-558-2455 or email Marcelle Shidler at

The Cognitive Aging Program is affiliated with the Cognitive Disorders Center, a patient assessment and treatment program.

Current Research Opportunities

Have you gained weight in middle age?
Do you have mild memory decline?

The purpose of this research is to study metabolism and memory.

Overweight men and women 50-65 years old without diabetes who are aware of mild memory decline such as forgetfullness or short-term memory difficulty may be eligible to participate.

Compensation may be availible for time and travel for each completed study visit. In addition, all study visits, tests, procedures and medication will be provides at no cost to participants

For more information, contact Kaitlyn Burns at or call (513)558-2455

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