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Areas of Expertise

Anxiety in Children and Adolescents
Current research involves identification of risk factors for pediatric anxiety disorders as well as the pathophysiology and psychopharmacology of these conditions.  Our program utilizes imaging resources in the Center for Imaging Research, including functional neuroimaging and magnetic resonance spectroscopy to study the neurophysiology of pediatric generalized anxiety disorder and of the neurophysiologic effects of comorbid anxiety on the neurobiology of other psychiatric conditions in children and adolescents. Additionally, our program is involved in clinical trials for youth with anxiety.

Bipolar Mania in Adults and Children
Our program is involved in studies assessing the use of innovative therapeutics for the treatment of acute bipolar mania in adolescents and adults. The development of novel treatment options is important given the highly variable response to traditional medications for bipolar mania. Several studies are underway to identify the neurophysiological mechanisms of pharmacological treatment as well as predictors of treatment response.

Bipolar and Schizoaffective Depression in Adults and Children
There is a high rate of morbidity and mortality associated with bipolar depression. Novel approaches to the treatment of bipolar/schizoaffective depression could provide hope to adolescents and adults who are suffering. We are studying several potential treatments for bipolar depression and investigating neurophysiological predictors of response and changes in brain neurochemistry in regions that are thought to modulate mood.

Neurobiology of Bipolar Disorder
We are evaluating differences in brain neurochemistry, activation, and structure between adults and children with bipolar disorder and healthy subjects. Subjects perform tasks of memory, attention, and emotion while in the fMRI scanner.

Neuropsychology of Bipolar Disorder
Our group is currently examining cognitive functioning (such as memory, problem solving, etc.) in patients with bipolar disorder. The neuropsychology component of our program is focused on improving the understanding of cognitive functioning in bipolar disorder.

Substance Abuse in Bipolar Adults and Children
We are evaluating the longitudinal course, neurobiology and treatment of co-occurring substance use and bipolar disorder.

Weight Gain in Bipolar Adults and Children
We are evaluating the treatment of co-occurring weight gain with certain atypical antipsychotics and bipolar disorder.


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