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OB Practice Protocols

Abnormal Cervical Cytology in Pregnancy (pdf)

Amniotic Fluid Disorders (pdf)

Aneuploidy Screening (pdf)

Antenatal Corticosteroids (pdf)

Antepartum Fetal Surveillance 2021 update (pdf)

Antepartum Fetal Surveillance Covid Interim Recommendations (pdf)

Anticoagulation in Covid Positive Pregnant Patients (pdf)

Central Community Health Board Methadone Information (pdf)

DAPP Pocket Guide (pdf)

Early Pregnancy Loss Protocol_2021 (pdf)

Fetal Growth Restriction Flowchart (pdf)

Fetal Growth Restriction Protocol (pdf)

Fetal MMC Post Op Protocol - Fetoscopic Repair (pdf)

Fetal MMC Post Op Protocol - Open Repair (pdf)

HIV Protocol (pdf)

HIV Resource Pamphlet (pdf)

Induction of Labor (pdf)

Inpatient LARC Eligibility (docx)

Low Dose Aspirin (pdf)

lsoimmunization (pdf)

Magnesium Sulfate for Neuroprotection (pdf)

Obstetric Hemorrhage Pathway (pdf)

Ooytocin Induction/Augmentation Protocol (pdf)

Opiate (pdf)

Placenta Previa, Vasa Previa, and Placenta Accreta (pdf)

Preeclampsia Protocol (pdf)

Preterm Labor Protocol Revised Nov 2020 (pdf)

Previable PPROM (pdf)

Progesterone for PTB Prevention (pdf)

PROM Protocol (pdf)

Short Cervix Protocol (pdf)

Smoking Cessation (docx)

Surgical Site Infection Prevention Following Cesarean Delivery (pdf)

Thrombophilia and Anticoagulation (pdf)

Twin Pregnancy (pdf)

Ultrasound Pregnancy Dating (pdf)

Venous Thromboembolism Prevention Protocol (pdf)

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