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Muhammad Ahsan Zafar Clinical Research Program

My research interests are in improving patient outcomes by designing better care delivery systems using improvement science methodologies. My projects have led to reduced COPD readmissions, improved care of COPD patients in emergency department during acute exacerbation and reduced hospital acquired infections in the intensive care units. These are large multidisciplinary team projects that require re-designing the care delivery system in a way to achieve sustainable results. It involves The four aspects of Deming’s profound knowledge - system appreciation, understanding variations, change psychology and building new knowledge.

My clinical research also includes investigating mechanisms of dyspnea in patients with chronic lung disease and finding strategies to mitigate exertional dyspnea. I have designed a portable positive expiratory pressure device which is being studied to reduce dynamic airway collapse and dynamic hyperinflation, both of which contribute to exertional shortness of breath in obstructive lung diseases. 

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