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Family Medicine Clerkship Preceptors

Thank you to our many preceptors for your guidance, mentorship and dedication to our students and to medical education. We appreciate you sharing your knowledge and skills, shaping the future generation of doctors. The impact you make is immeasurable. Please click on the link next to their names to learn more about our community preceptors.

Preceptor NamePractice NameLink to Website
Austin, Orson, MDMaple Knoll VillageOrson Austin, MD Physician Profile | UC Health
Barnes, Dan, MDMercy Health Physicians-DentDaniel Barnes, MD - Mercy Health Phys
Barnes, Mary Ann, MDSt. Elizabeth Fam Prac CtrMary Ann Barnes, MD - St. Elizabeth Healthcare
Beiter, LibbyBethesda Family PracticeElizabeth A. Beiter, MD - TriHealth
Benge, Joshua, MDSt Eliz Physicians-AlexandriaJoshua Benge, MD - St. Elizabeth Physicians
Boury, Sheena, MDChrist Hosp Phys-Premier Sheena Boury, MD - Christ Hosp Phys
Boyd, Kellie, MDMidwest Health GroupKellie Boyd, MD - Midwest Health Group
Brown, Kelly, MDWhite Oak Family PracticeKelly A. Brown, MD - TriHealth
Brown, Tony, MDMontgomery Family PracticeTony Brown, MD - Montgomery Family Practice
Burns, Patrick, MDSt Eliz Physicians-CovingtonPatrick Burns, MD - St. Elizabeth Phys
Capurro, John, MDChrist Hosp Phys-Primary Care East John Capurro, MD - Christ Hosp Phys
Daddabbo, Anna, MDUC Health Physicians-Burnet Anna Daddabbo, MD Physician Profile | UC Health
Davis, Susan, DOMaple Knoll VillageSusan Schrimpf Davis, DO Physician Profile | UC Health
Donnelly, Ted, MDTriHealth-Family Medical GroupWalter E. Donnelly, MD - TriHealth
Dulan, Mike, MDFamily Wellness CenterMichael B. Dulan, MD - Dulan Family Wellness Center
Ellis, II, Rocky, MDUC Health Physicians-WyomingRobert V. Ellis, MD Physician Profile | UC Health
Engel, Jeremy, MDSt Eliz Physicians-BellevueJeremy Engel, MD - St. Elizabeth Phys
Farber, Ken, DOChrist Hosp Phys-Wetherington Ken Farber, DO - Wetherington Family Medicine
Fixler, Don, MDChrist Hosp Phys-Norwood Don Fixler, MD - Christ Hosp Phys
Freeman, Tim, MDUC Health Physicians-Burnet Timothy Freeman, MD Physician Profile | UC Health
Gebhardt, Bruce, MDUC Health Physicians-UPBruce Gebhardt, MD Physician Profile | UC Health
Geering, Tim, MDMercy Health PhysiciansTim Geering, MD - Mercy Health Phys
Glass, Eleanor, MDIntegrated Family CareEleanor Glass, MD - Integrated Family Care
Goldfarb, Richard, MDTriHealth-Western Family PhysRichard S. Goldfarb, MD - TriHealth
Grainger, Mike, MDSt Eliz Physicians-BellevueMichael Grainger, MD - St. Elizabeth Phys
Green, Thomas, MDWhite Oak Family PracticeThomas E. Green, MD - TriHealth
Hammons, Bill, MDSt Eliz Physicians-BellevueWilliam Hammons, MD - St. Elizabeth Phys
Hancher, Douglas, MDMercy Health Physicians-SpringdaleDouglas Hancher, MD - Mercy Health Phys
Hans, Sandra, MDChrist Hosp Phys-Wetherington Sandra Hans MD - Wetherington Family Medicine
Hartman, Monica, MDMercy Health Physicians-Deerfield Monica Hartman, MD - Mercy Health Phys
Hartmann, Reid, MDChrist Hosp Phys-FMCReid A. Hartmann, MD - Christ Hosp Phys
Hazen, Joseph, MDTriHealth-Family Medical GroupJoseph P. Hazen, MD - TriHealth
Hines, Dirk, MDMercy Health Physicians-Dry RidgeDirk Hines, MD - Mercy Health Phys
Holliday, Mike, MDUC Health PhysiciansMichael B. Holliday, MD Physician Profile | UC Health
Keller, Tim, MDSt Eliz Physicians-CovingtonTim Keller, MD - St. Elizabeth Phys
Koehl, Rebecca, MDMercy Health Physicians-Fairfield Rebecca Koehl, MD - Mercy Health Phys
Lazaron, Betsy, MDChrist Hosp Phys-FMCLisbeth Lazaron, MD - Christ Hosp Phys
Lenz, Kellene, MDMercy Health Physicians-Monfort HtsKellene Lenz, MD - Mercy Health Phys
Lewis, Chris, MDUC Health Physicians-Burnet Christopher Lewis, MD Physician Profile | UC Health
Li, Janette, MDUC Health Physicians-WyomingJanette Li, MD Physician Profile | UC Health
Mauntel, Bill, MDMercy Health Physicians-Fairfield William J Mauntel, MD - Mercy Health Phys
McCarren, Tim, MDTriHealth-Family Medical GroupTimothy J McCarren, MD - TriHealth
Meier, Christopher, MDMercy Health Physicians-Fairfield Christopher Meier, MD - Mercy Health Phys
Melton, AndreaChrist Hosp Phys-Montgomery Andrea Melton, MD - Christ Hosp Phys
Murthy, Sri, MDUC Health PhysiciansSri S. Murthy, MD Physician Profile | UC Health
Nandyal, Lauri, MDUC Health Physicians-MidtownLauri Nandyal, MD, NCMP Physician Profile | UC Health
Patterson, Brad, MDSt Eliz Physicians-CovingtonBrad Patterson, MD - St. Elizabeth Phys
Peerless, Brian, MDMercy Health Physicians-Blue Ash Brian J Peerless, MD - Mercy Health Phys
Perrino, Frank, MDChrist Hosp Phys-Norwood Frank Perrino, MD - Christ Hosp Phys
Powell, Erik, MDUC Health Physicians-MilfordErik Powell, MD Physician Profile | UC Health
Puterbaugh, Doug, MDTriHealth First Physicians-Mariemont Douglas E. Puterbaugh, MD - TriHealth
Reilly, Gene, MDWhite Oak Family PracticeEugene W. Reilly, MD - TriHealth
Reynolds, Ron, MDChrist Hosp Phys-Anderson Ron Reynolds, MD - Christ Hosp Phys
Roberts, Courtney, MDCrossroad Health CtrCourtney Roberts, MD - Crossroad Health Center
Rosenthal, Montiel, MDChrist Hosp Phys-FMCMontiel Rosenthal, MD - Christ Hosp Phys
Saxena, Leila, MDUC Health Physicians-WyomingLeila Saxena, MD Physician Profile | UC Health
Schmitt, Karl, MDSt. Elizabeth Fam Prac CtrKarl Schmitt, MD - St. Elizabeth Phys
Schroer, Melissa, MDChrist Hospital Physicians-DelhiMelissa Schroer, MD - Christ Hosp Phys
Schwartz, Sherri, MDSt Eliz Physicians-Ft ThomasSherri Schwartz, MD - St. Elizabeth Phys
Scott, Stephen, MDSt Eliz Physicians-AlexandriaStephen Scott, MD - St. Elizabeth Phys
Seibert, Joe, MDMercy Health Physicians-DentJoseph Seibert, MD - Mercy Health Phys
Singh, Manoj, MDUC Health PhysiciansManoj Singh, MD Physician Profile | UC Health
Sorscher, Jon, MDBethesda Fam Prac CtrJonathan Sorscher, MD - TriHealth
Spata, Jenn, MDChrist Hosp Phys-FMCJennifer R. Spata, MD - Christ Hosp Phys
Staley, Barry, MDChrist Hosp Phys-Wetherington Barry Staley, MD - Wetherington Family Medicine
Stephen Glaser MD Stephen Glaser MD Primary CareStephen D. Glaser, MD | Margaret Mary Health
Sweeney, Chris, MDMercy Health Physicians-Evendale Christopher Sweeney, MD - Mercy Health Phys
Tenkman, Allegra, MDMercy Health Physicians-DentAllegra Tenkman, MD - Mercy Health Phys
Thurman, Zack, MDUC Health Physicians-Burnet Zachary Thurman, MD Physician Profile | UC Health
Tracy, Robert, MDSt Eliz Physicians-Cold SpringRobert Tracy, MD - St. Elizabeth Phys
Trombley, Michael, MDMercy Health Physicians-Deerfield Michael Trombley MD, Mercy Health Phys
Tubb, Matthew, MD/Ph.DUC Health Physicians-WyomingMatthew Tubb, MD Physician Profile | UC Health
Ushupun, Jeff, MDUC Health PhysiciansJeffry Ushupun, MD Physician Profile | UC Health
Vonder Brink, Rick, MDMontgomery Family MedicineRichard H. Vonder Brink, MD - TriHealth
Vormbrock, Kim, MDSt Eliz Physicians-EdgewoodKimberly Vormbrock, MD - St. Elizabeth Phys
Wang, Lauren, MDUC Health Physicians-Burnet Lauren Wang, MD Physician Profile | UC Health
Welsh, Gwendolyn, DOChrist Hospital Physicians-DelhiGwendolyn L. Welsh, DO - Christ Hosp Phys
Winhusen, Steve, MDRudemiller Family MedicineSteve Winhusen, MD - Rudemiller Family Medicine
Woods, Scott, MDBethesda Fam Prac CtrScott E. Woods, MD - TriHealth
Zitelli, Steve, MDBethesda Fam Prac CtrStephen M. Zitelli, MD - TriHealth
Zmora, Oded, MDUC Health Physicians-White OakOded Zmora, MD Physician Profile | UC Health
Zowtiak, Chris, MDSt. Elizabeth Fam Prac CtrChrisanthy Zowtiak, MD - St. Elizabeth Healthcare


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