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Selected Current Studies

UC Project wins Bureau of Workers Innovative Grant

This grant will continue working on proper personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect firefighters from hyperthermia.

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Early Pb Exposure a Risk for Bone Health Later in Life in African American Women

NIEHS # 1R01ES024074-01

This study is designed to provide transformative knowledge, for the first time, about how childhood history of environmental lead (Pb) exposure impacts combined bone and musculature health later in life among African American women.

1 postural-stability-measurement-on-compliant-(foam)-surface
Postural Stability measurement on compliant (foam) surface.

2 postural-stability-measurment-during-bending-task
Postural Stability measurement during bending task.

3 instrumented-timed-up-and-go-test-to-analyze-gait-patterns-using-sensors
Instrumented Timed Up and Go Test to analyze gait patterns using wearable sensors.

4 bone-shock-absorption-task-to-measure-bone-fragility5dff3adbd06b6357af75ff00009c3e1a
Bone Shock Absorption task to measure bone fragility.

Effect of Hyperthermia on Brain Function and Impact on Functional Outcomes

NIOSH #200-2015-M-87462

This study aims to investigate the impact of chronic heat exposure on brain function, balance, and gait in firefighters.

Brain function is evaluated using a functional MRI test to characterize patterns of neural activation associated with judgment of static and dynamic postural stability and an executive function task.The firefighters then undergo measurements of static and dynamic stability as well as immune function testing.

5 postural-stability-testing-on-one-leg-with-eyes-closed
Postural Stability testing of firefighter standing on one leg with eyes closed.

One-leg Postural Stability test with plot of upper body movement

Instrumented Timed Up and Go Test with and without Dual Task (subtraction by 3s)
Firefighter wearing sensors while performing Timed Up and Go Test with and without Dual Task (subtraction by 3s).

Developmental Effects of Manganese Exposure in Rural Adolescents: 
The CARES Cohort Comes of Age

NIH R01ES026446, PI Erin Haynes

CARES Website

This study is designed to evaluate neurodevelopment with historic and current biomarkers of manganese (Mn) in a cohort of rural adolescents in order to evaluate the impact of Mn from essential to excess on executive function, attention and reaction time, cognition, achievement, behavior, and neuromotor status.

Postural Stability measurement on firm and compliant (foam) surfaces
Postural Stability measurement on firm and compliant (foam) surfaces.

Obstacle task during Instrumented Timed Up and Go Test.

CARES Balance Testing Team
CARES Balance Testing Team

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