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National ASPET Society

The UC ASPET SURF program encompasses the mission and vision of the national organization which is “to introduce undergraduate students to pharmacology research and to use authentic, mentored research experiences in pharmacology to heighten student interest in careers in research and related health care disciplines”.

The UC ASPET SURF program is intended to increase the number, quality, and skills of undergraduates who express interest in enrolling in graduate and professional degree programs in pharmacology, toxicology, and pharmaceutical sciences. This SURF program includes professional development components and important “soft” skills (scientific writing, oral presentation skills, career opportunity discussions, seminar series, networking via in-person or social media) that compliment hands‐on laboratory research and a student‐centered research project leading to acquisition of new knowledge for both the student and for the faculty mentor’s research program. The ASPET SURF program offered by UC faculty is intended to add value to the global competitiveness and innovative advantage of the next generation of US scientific and academic leaders in pharmacological sciences.

National ASPET Society
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