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The 10-week summer full-time ASPET SURF program offered at the University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center (UCAHC) will provide opportunities for 5 undergraduate trainees each summer. Applicants who express interest in pursuing advanced graduate degrees in pharmacology, toxicology, and pharmaceutical sciences will be selected from a national competitive pool. Each summer, the program will match a total of 5 trainees to active pharmacology based research programs. Students will be appointed as Dalton/Zannoni Fellows and will be enrolled as student members of the American Society of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics.

Our ASPET SURF program offers an intellectually and scientifically rigorous faculty-mentored research training that incorporates contemporary laboratory approaches, technologies, and issues relevant to scientific discovery and applications in pharmacology, toxicology, and pharmaceutical sciences. The SURF program provides structured weekly seminars and technical writing assignments in parallel with in-depth laboratory research experiences. A professional opportunities program, including a Capstone presentation, as well as a social program will round out the ASPET SURF program.

The 2020 ASPET SURF program application is scheduled to open on November 1.

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