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The main site of vascular surgery experience is at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center (UCMC). Being a tertiary level referral center, our trainees are exposed to a wide variety of complex cases. They become adept at both open and endovascular skills and often use them together in many hybrid cases necessary to provide the best vascular care our patients. Being the only university hospital in a wide geographical area lends to a busy vascular surgery service with a significantly complex pathology. This leads to a unique case mix with a large portion of cases being open and complex endovascular aortic surgeries. While nationally there has been a substantial decrease in the number of open aortic cases, UCMC trainees are exposed to a relatively large number of such cases regularly. This translates to a robust training environment with graduating fellows and residents being confident in managing a large variety of patients with complex vascular needs.

The VA Medical Center, across the street from the university hospital is a busy service attending to the needs of our veterans with vascular diseases. It provides for both open and endovascular cases with a substantial learning experience in very nurturing atmosphere. The West Chester community hospital is seat of UC Health Vein Center as well as elective hemodialysis access cases. The Christ Hospital with its busy community practice of vascular surgery offers an unparalleled very busy endovascular experience.

The clinical rotations of the integrated residency program are split among the above four medical centers as outline below.  The fellowship program rotations are primarily at the UCMC and VAMC with a couple of months at The Christ hospital in the first year.    

Clinical Rotations


  • Vascular Surgery: 12 months


  • Vascular Surgery: 10 months

  • Dialysis access: 2 months


  • Vascular Surgery: 7 months

  • Dialysis access: 2 months

  • General Surgery: 1 months

  • Cardiac Surgery: 1 month

  • Radiology: 1 month


  • Vascular Surgery: 5 months

  • Dialysis access: 1 month

  • General Surgery: 5 months

  • SICU: 1 month


  • Vascular Surgery: 4 months

  • General Surgery: 5 months

  • SICU: 1.5 months

  • Plastic Surgery: 1 month

  • Anesthesia: 0.5 month

Educational Sessions (sample)

Sample vascular surgery residency schedule

Sung Yang, MD, RPVI
Program Director, Vascular Surgery

Alexandra Riestenberg
Vascular Surgery Residency Coordinator
Phone: 513-558-5367

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