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Shaun-WahabThe primary educational method is through direct participation in clinical work performed by our department in the focus areas of body MRI, body CT, and ultrasound. We are very fortunate that our fellows have the opportunity to work with renowned experts in the areas of pancreatic and prostate imaging.

Fellows will also have dedicated lectures throughout the academic year.

The fellowship is flexible in that the fellows are allowed to rotate through different subspecialty areas of Body Imaging, depending on individual interest. Opportunities are also available for fellows to gain experience with image-guided body interventional procedures.

The schedule is predicated on the number of fellows (1-2) and the individual interests of each. Up to two months of elective time may be possible with rotations in the following areas: cardiothoracic imaging, musculoskeletal imaging, breast imaging, and spine intervention. Some exposure to neuroradiology may be possible.

The Body Imaging section benefits from strong collaboration, particularly in the areas of transplant surgery, surgical oncology, trauma surgery, urology, gastroenterology, and gynecologic oncology.

Duties and Responsibilities

Fellows are directly responsible for body MRI protocoling, supervising contrast injections, and interpreting body MRI cases. All cases will be reviewed with an attending physician prior to final interpretation.

The fellows are given graduated responsibility throughout the year. There is no formal night call and fellows will rotate with body staff members in covering the department during occasional evenings and weekends. All evening and weekend shifts will be performed in conjunction with a body attending.

Fellows will have one-half day per week for academic pursuits. A research project is encouraged, but some form of scholarly activity is required.

The fellow will meet with the program director early in the year to identify a project with the goal to submit an abstract for presentation at a national meeting or complete a potentially publishable paper by the end of the year. Funding support is available to conduct a research project as well as to attend a national conference.

Fellows are expected to participate in the teaching of residents and medical students on a daily basis. Many multidisciplinary conferences are available for fellows to attend, including Hepatobiliary, Surgical Oncology/Pancreas, Gynecologic Oncology, and Genitourinary conferences.

Shaun A. Wahab, MD

Program Director

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Sherri Wolfe

Program Coordinator

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Fax: 513-558-7137

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