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First Year

During the intern year, our residents are exposed to six months of Otolaryngology which includes allergy-sleep, facial plastics, VA, CCHMC and two months at UCMC on the general and H&N service.  The ACGME mandates six months of outside rotations which includes critical care, anesthesia, emergency medicine, neurosurgery, oral surgery, and plastic surgery. These rotations provide basic education and experience necessary for the eventual care of otolaryngology patients. First years are also assigned faculty mentors to monitor their progress.

Second Year

During the first full year of Otolaryngology training, we emphasize the development of a high level of diagnostic skills and early exposure to operative techniques. Emphasis is placed on outpatient diagnostic and therapeutic skills, preoperative evaluation, assistance with more complex otolaryngologic surgical procedures, audiology and speech pathology, and mastering minor surgical procedures. In this year, the residents rotate at CCHMC, VA, and on the general and head & neck services at UCMC.

Third Year

During the third year, there is a 3-month research rotation during which the resident participates in an independent scientific project under the direction of faculty. This rotation is fully supported financially and logistically by the department's research resources. During the rest of the year, our third year residents rotate at the VA, CCHMC, and on the otology service. During this year, the residents are expected to refine their clinical and surgical skills in preparation for their final years of residency.

Fourth Year

The fourth year of the residency program begins the phase of training which is comparable to the senior resident year in most otolaryngology programs. During this year, our residents spend time on the head and neck service, facial plastics & reconstructive Surgery, general adult otolaryngology, and again at CCHMC where they function as the Chief Resident. They also spend time on night float, as in the second and third year of training.

Fifth Year

This Chief year completes the final portion of the senior resident experience. The residents spend time on the head and neck service, adult general otolaryngology, the VA, and otology. They residents are encourage to pursue any areas of special academic interest during this time as well.

Rotation Schedule

Yash Patil, MD, MPH
Otolaryngology Residency Director
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Gregory Wolfe
GME Program Coordinator
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