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Where are they Now?

Zachary Porter

Zachary Porter is a medical student at University of Cincinnati and joined the Neurotrauma Laboratory in the summer of 2017 after completing his first year of medical training. He hopes to pursue a career in the field of Neurological surgery, and aspires to participate in Neurosurgery research throughout his career.

Katherine Rhame

Katherine Rhame joined the Neurotrauma Laboratory for the summer of 2017. She is currently a third year medical student with an interest in Emergency Medicine and Neurology.

Fatima Anwar

Fatima Anwar is an undergraduate student at Washington University in St. Louis. She spends her summers in Cincinnati and has worked in the laboratory of Drs. McGuire and Ngwenya since 2015. She has been learning clinical skills while volunteering at UC Health, and has plans to attend medical school and specialize in Neurosurgery.

Kinsey Barhorst

Kinsey Barhorst is a medical student at UC interested in Neurosurgery. She spent the summer of 2019 in the Neurotrauma Laboratory and completed a successful project, in collaboration with Dr. Jed Harting's laboratory, exploring spreading depolarizations in the hippocampus. She received a Neurosurgery Research and Education Fund (NREF) medical student fellowship for her summer research.

Erika Correll

Erika Correll worked as a research assistant in the Neurotrauma Laboratory from 2017-2019. She is currently pursing her dream of a career in academic neuroscience. She is a PhD graduate student at University of Massachusetts Amherst studying sensorimotor gating of the startle reflex.

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