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Translational NeuroTrauma Lab (TNT)

The Department of Neurosurgery Translational NeuroTrauma Laboratory (TNT) is the laboratory of Dr. Laura Ngwenya, MD, PhD. The TNT Laboratory focuses on the mechanisms that underlie poor recovery after traumatic brain injury (TBI). TBI affects more than 2.8 million people in the US annually. However, despite the widespread societal and economic impact, there are no effective treatments for traumatic brain injury. Especially devastating are the cognitive deficits that occur after TBI. The TNT Laboratory utilizes clinical research, bioinformatics, and an experimental model of TBI to explore the underlying mechanisms of poor recovery after TBI and search for potential treatments. We employ statistical and bioinformatics analyses, cognitive / behavioral testing, histology and immunohistochemistry, stereological quantification, electrophysiology, and molecular techniques. The current focus of our NIH funded laboratory is exploring the interplay between spreading depolarizations, adult neurogenesis, and TBI. We have many collaborators throughout UC and CCHMC, including Dr. Jennifer McGuire (Asst. Prof, Neurosurgery), Dr. Jed Hartings (Professor, Neurosurgery), Dr. Steve Danzer (Professor, Anesthesia, CCHMC), Dr. Brandon Foreman (Assoc. Prof, Neurology), and Dr. Danny Wu (Asst. Professor, Biomedical Informatics). The TNT laboratory is affiliated with the UCGNI Neurotrauma Center, as well as the Collaborative for Research on Acute Neurological Injuries (CRANI).


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