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Selected Publications (since 2020)

  •  K.F. N’Guessan, P.H. Patel, and X. Qi, SapC-DOPS – a phosphatidylserine-targeted nanovesicle for selective cancer therapy. Cell Comm. Signal. (2020) 18, 6. PMID: 31918715.
  •  Y. Sun, B. Liou, Z. Chu, V. Fannin, R. Blackwood, Y. Peng, G.A. Grabowski, H.W. Davis, and X. Qi, Systemic Enzyme Delivery by Blood-Brain Barrier-Penetrating SapC-DOPS Nanovesicles for Treatment of Neuronopathic Gaucher Disease, EBioMedicine (2020) 55, 102735. PMID: 32279952.
  •  K.F. N’Guessan, H.W. Davis, Z. Chu, S.D. Vallabhapurapu, C.S. Lewis, R.S. Franco, O.            Olowokure, S.A. Ahmad, J.J. Yeh, V.Y. Bogdanov, and X. Qi, Enhanced efficacy of                  combination of gemcitabine and phosphatidylserine-targeted nanovesicles against pancreatic cancer. Mol. Ther. (2020) 18(8), 1876-1886. PMID: 32516572.
  •  H.W. Davis, S.D. Vallabhapurapu, Z. Chu, M.A. Wyder, K.D. Greis, V. Fannin, Y. Sun, P.B. Desai, K.Y. Pak, B. Gray, and X. Qi, Biotherapy of brain tumors with phosphatidylserine-targeted radioiodinated SapC-DOPS nanovesicles. Cells (2020) 9, E1960. PMID: 32854321.
  •  H.W. Davis, A. Kaynak, S.D. Vallabhapurapu, X. Qi, Targeting of elevated cell surface phosphatidylserine with SapC-DOPS nanodrug as a novel individual or combination therapy for pancreatic cancer. World J. Gastrointest. Oncol. (2021) 13(6), 550-559. PMID: 34163572.
  •  A. Kaynak, H.W. Davis, S.D. Vallabhapurapu, K.Y. Pak, B. Gray, and X. Qi, SapC–DOPS as a novel therapeutic and diagnostic agent for glioblastoma therapy and detection: alternative to old drugs and agents. Pharmaceuticals (2021) 14(11), 1193. PMID: 34832975.
  •  A. Kaynak, H.W. Davis, A.B. Kogan, J-H. Lee, D.A. Narmoneva, and X. Qi, Phosphatidylserine: the unique dual-role biomarker for cancer imaging and therapy. Cancers (2022) in press.
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