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Image Guided Ultrasound Therapeutics Laboratories

T. Douglas Mast, Ph.D. - Curriculum vitae (PDF)
Professor and Program Chair, Biomedical Engineering
Department of Biomedical, Chemical, and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering and Applied Science
Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Cardiovascular Health and Disease, College of Medicine


T. Douglas Mast received the B.A. degree (Physics and Mathematics) from Goshen College, the Ph.D. degree (Acoustics) from The Pennsylvania State University, and trained as a postdoctoral fellow with University of Rochester's Ultrasound Research Laboratory, led by Robert C. Waag. He has served as Research Associate and Assistant Professor of Acoustics at the Applied Research Laboratory of The Pennsylvania State University, and as a Senior Electrical and Computer Engineer for Ethicon Endo-Surgery in Cincinnati, Ohio. In 2004, he joined the Biomedical Engineering faculty at the University of Cincinnati, where he is currently Professor. He is a Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America and a Senior Member of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine. He also serves as an Associate Editor for two journals (Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Ultrasonic Imaging) as an Editorial Board member for two journals (Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, Journal of Therapeutic Ultrasound), as a consultant in biomedical ultrasound, and as an instructor for the Riley School of Irish Music.

Dr. Mast has been active in biomedical ultrasound research since 1993, and currently leads the UC Biomedical Acoustics Laboratory, one of the Image-guided Ultrasound Therapeutics Laboratories. The Biomedical Acoustics Laboratory investigates applications of ultrasound in thermal ablation, drug delivery, and other therapeutic and diagnostic applications. Dr. Mast's research interests include ultrasound image guidance for minimally invasive therapy, therapeutic ultrasound for treatment of cancer, image analysis to quantify soft tissue biomechanics, modeling of bio-heat transfer in thermal therapy, passive cavitation detection and imaging, ultrasound-mediated drug delivery, simulation of ultrasound propagation in inhomogeneous tissue, tissue characterization, inverse scattering, modeling and analysis of radiation from ultrasound transducers, and design of minimally invasive medical devices. Major current work includes the NIH-funded projects R01CA158439 (PI: Mast), "Monitoring and control of human liver cancer ablation using real-time, 3D echo decorrelation imaging" focusing on clinical translation of real-time ultrasound monitoring and control methods for thermal ablation in cancer therapy, as well as R01DC017301 (mPI: Boyce/Mast/Riley), "Simplified ultrasound biofeedback for speech remediation," translating advances in motor learning research and image processing to improve ultrasound biofeedback therapy for treatment of residual speech sound disorders.


Department of Biomedical, Chemical, and Environmental Engineering
& Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Cardiovascular Health and Disease
University of Cincinnati
3938 Cardiovascular Research Center
231 Albert Sabin Way, Cincinnati, OH 45267-0586
Phone: (513) 558-5609
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