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Our Research

The University of Cincinnati and Cincinnati Children’s have a rich history of discovery and innovation. Research breakthroughs have included development of the live oral polio vaccine, the first practical heart-lung machine, artificial lung surfactant, the rotavirus vaccine, first use of the YAG laser, discovery of the health effects of lead exposure, and development of Benadryl.

Our biomedical informatics faculty members focus on a number of investigational areas through both independent and collaborative research. One way our research is making a difference is by breaking ground in pediatric cancer by developing new software and algorithms to analyze whole transcriptome data.

To learn more about our faculty and their groundbreaking research, please see our Faculty Research Highlights section. Our areas of research include:

  • Computational genomics & molecular medicine
  • Integrative -omics, single-cell analysis & gene regulatory circuits
  • Molecular modeling & structural bioinformatics
  • Predictive modeling of clinical outcomes
  • Medical imaging informatics
  • Natural language processing of clinical information
  • Distributed data network informatics
  • Data mining for large-scale genomic and clinical studies
  • Data analysis for patient safety, quality improvement & clinical effectiveness
  • Advanced technology for improving patient care
  • Federated computing for research applications
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