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The College of Medicine DevOps team offers the following services:

  • Customer support for hosted data, applications and specialized servers.
  • Storage monitoring and management.
  • Virtualization environment monitoring and management.
  • Application, database and Web hosting, monitoring and management.
  • Print server management.
  • Maintenance of server and application patches and updates.
  • Monitor server performance.
  • Ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulations.
  • Support end-user connectivity and authorization to data sources.
  • Maintenance of disaster recovery infrastructure.
  • Maintenance of archival backups.
  • Server capacity planning, equipment maintenance and replacements.
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Office of Operations and Administration
CARE/Crawley Building
Suite E-870
3230 Eden Avenue
PO BOX 670555
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0555

Mail Location: 0555
Phone: 513-558-2485
FAX: 513-558-4408