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Research Training in Global Health

Thank you for your interest in global health research training. Many trainees embarking on global health experiences wish to participate in on-going research or small studies that can be completed in a relatively short period of time. However, they may not receive the kind of training on basic research skills needed to undertake a project such as how to develop an appropriate research question. Additionally, research in resource-limited settings presents a unique set of challenges for the implementation of projects and ethics. After a project is complete, trainees will want to disseminate their findings by drafting an abstract to submit to conferences for poster or oral presentations.

Collaborators at the Center for Global Health Education at the University of Texas Medical Branch have developed a four-part online module series entitled Academic Skills Building through Global Health, on basic research skills such as developing a research question and conducting a literature search, project implementation, and international research ethics, developing an abstract, and developing a poster presentation. While these modules are intended for trainees conducting research abroad, the topics covered by the modules can be applied to any research opportunity, whether international or domestic.

These online resources are available through the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine's Office of Global Health and is open to trainees from any institution. As a participant, you will be asked to complete a pre- and post-survey for each module to help further revise and refine the modules.

Each module requires 30-60 minutes to complete.

To utilize these modules, please email Jason Blackard. You will be sent a unique identifier for use with the pre- and post-surveys and to access the modules.

Please follow the links in order and complete a pre- and post-survey for each module you view. Your feedback will remain anonymous.

Module 1: Developing a Scholarly Project

Module 2: Implementation of a Scholarly Project Abroad

Module 3: Dissemination of Results - The Abstract

Module 4: Dissemination of Results - The Poster

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