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West Chester Hospital

West Chester Hospital Approval Process

Clinical research studies at West Chester Hospital (WCH), including hospital-based clinics, must go through WCH senior leadership for approval before research begins. WCH approval is usually the last step in the UCH Research Approval Process, allowing all ancillary services to review feasibility and approve prior to WCH approval. Please note: WCH Executive Leadership meets on Mondays and Fridays. Depending on when the ancillary services approve the research impacts when it is scheduled for WCH review. The research can be approved for other locations without WCH review and approval with WCH approval to come at a later date, or the WCH site can be added to the REDCap submission at a later time.

Contact WCH Research Liaison

Jennifer Krause

Guidelines for Research Being Conducted in the Operating Room at West Chester Hospital:

  1. Before the visit, please contact the service line coordinator to make arrangements to come with the appropriate coordinator from the WCH OR Service Line Coordinator Contacts List on the right side of this page.
  2. If any specimens will be collected, please indicate this when you speak with the coordinator.
  3. Check in with the OR main desk on arrival.
  4. If entering the OR, make sure you have changed into new scrubs when you arrive, utilize a red disposable cap, and obtain a surgical (tie) mask.
  5. Please limit traffic into the OR to only what is absolutely necessary using appropriate traffic patterns (entering through the core door).  
  6. If you do enter the OR, make sure the RN circulator in the room knows your name and why you are there for appropriate documentation.

WCH OR Service Line Coordinator Contacts List

ENT, Plastics/Breast Health, and Urology

  • Ashley Florence
  • Ascom: 513-298-3898

Orthopedics, Hand, and Podiatry

  • Lisa Durbin
  • Ascom: 513-298-3458

General/Trauma, Robotic, Gynecology, and Thoracic/Vascular

  • Lucas Gasparac 
  • Ascom: 513-298-3662

Spine and Neurology

  • Zane Stewart 
  • Ascom:  513-298-3693
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