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At Cincinnati Medicine, “heart” is our guiding principle. Here, YOU are the priority and it is our responsibility to see you through. See what our students and faculty have to say about us.


"I have witnessed firsthand the need for physicians in my rural underserved community. Cincinnati Medicine does a fantastic job of immersing and exposing students to rural and urban medically underserved communities."

Cody, M3


"Everyone here is prepared to excel on boards, on wards, and ultimately as a physician. The Office of Diversity & Inclusion (ODI) has intentionally created structures to support me personally. I am incredible grateful for the dedication of ODI and Cincinnati Medicine."

Sarah, M1

"If you want to be challenged, supported, excited, engaged, successful and make incredible friendships, come to Cincinnati Medicine."

Sarah, M2


"By the end of my interview day, I was taken aback at how comfortable I felt. The most special thing about Cincinnati Medicine is the students. I have never met a more helpful, supportive, and brilliant group of individuals than my classmates."

Sunny, M4

sarah appeadu

Cincinnati Medicine is one of the best educational experiences in the country. I have found that Cincinnati medical students are hardworking, passionate and eager. Faculty constantly strive to improve students’ experiences through innovative approaches to teaching with an emphasis on student health and wellness.

Andrew Thompson, PhD
Asst. Professor, Medical Education

Dr. Wexler

Through my 30 years here, I have mentored Cincinnati Medicine students and committed to their growth. Cincinnati Medicine faculty do a wonderful job of providing our students with knowledge base, skills, insight and professional values that characterize an outstanding physician. I am proud of the fact that Cincinnati Medicine students are high achievers who make a difference.

Laura Wexler, MD, FACC, FAHA
Professor, Medicine/Cardiology

Dr. Lewis

As a Cincinnati native and Cincinnati Medicine Alum, I am invested in the success of our students. Your success benefits our city and communities. We emphasize technology, research, and education. Students learn from faculty at the top of their game, who truly care about their students. Once you arrive here, you are family!

Chris Lewis, MD
Asst Dean of Diversity & Inclusion
Assoc. Professor, Family Medicine


"My experience as a Medcat invaluably changed me. Every experience I ever needed, and even those I didn't know I needed, were offered by my team of committed faculty and classmates."

Kevin, UCCOM Grad


"Cincinnati Medicine is a warm, supportive, energetic place where I felt free to quickly and easily develop my skills as a leader, caring physician, and explore other interests too. No matter what specialty you choose, Cincinnati has an abundance of resources for you to make it happen!"

Candace, UCCOM Grad


"I can EXCLAIM without an ounce of hesitation that training you will receive will prepare you for a rigorous residency! It made me a standout resident at my hospital. The opportunities that are available - beginning your first day at UCCOM- are truly endless."

Marcus, UCCOM Grad

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion is central to the student experience. MedCats from all backgrounds contribute their individual point of view to enrich the class as a whole. Considered the “home base” for many of our students, Dr. Mallory and Dr. Lewis are always there to lend their encouragement and support.

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Dear Students,

I am excited to learn of your interest in Cincinnati Medicine! Our current MedCats continue to inspire and amaze me daily. Their passion, heart and determination as they prepare to become future physicians provides a sense of hope for the future of healthcare. I hope you possess that same drive and commitment to serving others in the medical field and we look forward to meeting you, learning more about your story and journey leading you to the call of medicine.

The University of Cincinnati College of Medicine has a rich history and has been a leader in healthcare as the "First Teaching Hospital in the Nation" and we recently celebrated 200 years preparing future physicians. I sincerely hope you will join in our traditions, history and community here at Cincinnati Medicine.

I look forward to meeting you on your interview day!


dunlavy signature
Dustin Dunlavy, M.A.
Director, Office of Admissions & Special Programs
University of Cincinnati | College of Medicine

Our Program

Your medical education will position you to be a top tier physician and one who is so much more than just an MD. At Cincinnati Medicine, you explore your passions and with each of your successes you advance our 200 year legacy.

Your first patient

Longitudinal Primary Care Clerkship (LPCC)

Curriculum Years 1 & 2

Core Clerkships Year 3

Clinical Electives Year 4



Clinical Facilities

Service Opportunities

Cincinnati Medicine students have the opportunity to improve healthcare closer to home through a vast list of service opportunities.

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Global Health

Cincinnati Medicine possesses a rare partnership with our University of Cincinnati Office of Global Health.

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Medical students may choose to spend the summer following first year earning hands-on laboratory research or assisting with clinical research or even designing their own research project.

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Dual Degrees

The University of Cincinnati College of Medicine offers joint degree programs with other esteemed graduate schools at our University.

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