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Integrated Clinical Clerkships

Student Learning Outcomes 

The core clerkship learning outcomes are aligned with the Entrustable Professional Activities (EPA’s) as defined by the AAMC. For more information, see the Core Entrustable Professional Activities for Entering Residency publication.

  1. Gather appropriate and accurate patient history.
  2. Perform an appropriate patient exam for the presenting problem/reason for the visit.
  3. Generate an appropriate problem-based differential diagnosis and plan.
  4. Communicate effectively with patients of diverse backgrounds (e.g. age, gender, social, racial and economic backgrounds).
  5. Communicate patient information to the clinical team in oral form.
  6. Communicate patient information to the clinical team in written form.
  7. Follow through on the appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic action plan.
  8. Collaborate with an inter-professional health care team.
  9. Demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning by developing your knowledge and skills outside of the traditional learning environment.
  10. Demonstrate professional behavior in clinical interactions (e.g. empathy, attire, punctuality, motivation, reliability).

Required Rotations

Core Clerkship

Family Medicine Core Clerkship
Internal Medicine Core Clerkship
Neuroscience Core Clerkship
Obstetrics and Gynecology Core Clerkship
Pediatrics Core Clerkship
Psychiatry Core Clerkship
Surgery Core Clerkship

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Third Year Elective Rotations

The current Medical Student Scholars Program options are:

Cardiovascular Medicine
Child and Adolescent Health
Emergency Medicine
Family Medicine
Geriatric Health
Psychiatry - Behavioral Neuroscience
Women’s Health

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